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In this page, songs on / about “crap” are listed.
  • 1.
    Cut The Crap

    (J.J. Dupree)
    I love the sound of silence
    The beautiful sound of silence
    'Cause it gives me something else to break
    I'm loud God damn it read more »

  • 2.

    I was talking to my friend Tommy, he's almost 6.3 years old. I said, "Is it just me, or has
    Power Rangers gone to shit this season?" and he shook his head and said, "I know." I
    said, "That Turbo movie was stupid," and Tommy said, "I didn't even go." And he said, "I
    can't keep track of the Zords." And he said, "I hardly even watch it anymore." I said, "I
    think they lost when they all switched colors just for the hell of it,&quo read more »

    Ookla The Mok
  • 3.

    I sense a bad vibe, it's comin' from all sides
    Hard to keep my head clear this trip's a sad ride
    Too much distraction, a negative reaction
    Ain't gonna stay here, I don't need this action read more »

    Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
  • 4.
    I Hate Rap

    There is a thing that i hate that is a punch of crap .Iiiiiii hate Rap .Rap is crap. read more »

    Curt Hennig
  • 5.
    I Hate Rap(achtung Country)

    I love country musicI love country girls
    I love this Style I here it till it hurts.
    But there´s one thing that I hate that is a punch of crap IIIIIIII hate Rap. read more »

    West Texas Rednecks
  • 6.

    [fragment of "Up here" or "Appear"]
    We are Northern white crap that talks back
    We are The Fall we were spinning we were stepping
    Cop out, cop out as in from heaven
    The difference between you and us is that we have brains read more »

  • 7.
    The Way Things Are

    I wouldn’t know what to do with another chance
    If you gave it to me
    I couldn’t take the embrace of a real romance
    It’d race right through me
    I’m much better off the way things are read more »

    Fiona Apple
  • 8.
    Wrong Is Right

    Do you believe, wrong is right
    When you turn the world upside down
    Don't pretend if you love
    To be a mad-man on the run
    I'm gonna suck -- I'm gonna rock till I die read more »

  • 9.
    Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York

    Nathan, you must concentrate on the game. the town is up to here with high players. the greek’s in
    Town. freddie bottle bates, scranton slim.
    Nathan: I know, I know, I could make a fortune, but to make a fortune, I need a fortune. a thousand
    Bucks, where do I get it? read more »

    Frank Sinatra
  • 10.

    We should kill 'em, would be thrillin'. Just to kill 'em.
    Let's hunt him down! And shoot him in the head!
    Let's beat the crap outta Saddam!
    Let's hunt him down! And shoot him in the head! Bomb Iraq into the ground!
    Let's hunt him down! And shoot him in the head! read more »

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