Aanuoluwa Adebanjo

Aanuoluwa Adebanjo Poems

1. If Only You Will 11/6/2013
2. Faces In The Crowd 11/6/2013
3. We'Ve Got Someone To Thank 11/6/2013
4. Being In Heaven 11/6/2013
5. A Blast From The Past 11/6/2013
6. When You Talk About... 11/7/2013
7. I Will Be There For You 12/5/2013
8. Yes, Yes And Yes! 12/9/2013
9. Let Me Be 12/9/2013
10. Talk Not To Me About Love 12/9/2013
11. Every Night 12/9/2013
12. Seek Me And Find Me 12/10/2013
13. Will This Dream Ever Stop? 12/13/2013
14. If Only-Tribute To Nelson Mandela 12/17/2013
15. Never Say Never 12/17/2013
16. Stay With Me 12/19/2013
17. A Beautiful Sky 11/11/2013
18. Tomorrow Of My Dream 11/15/2013
19. Time 11/18/2013
20. O'Africa 11/19/2013
21. A Place To Finally Call Home 11/7/2013
22. Do Not Live In Dreams 12/20/2013
23. Me And You 12/23/2013
24. Christ In Me 1/1/2014
25. Loneliness 1/11/2014
26. Dreams 1/24/2014
27. If I Ever See You Again 1/25/2014
28. Wishes 1/28/2014
29. Ife Iya Mi (My Mother's Love) 3/28/2014
30. It's Always Hard To Say Good-Bye 3/30/2014
31. Have Got My Mother's Heart 4/5/2014
32. Run With Me 4/12/2014
33. Let The Snowflakes Drop 4/13/2014
34. Don'T Leave Me Empty 5/10/2014
35. Together Forever 5/27/2014
36. Find Me A Heart That Bleeds 8/7/2014
37. When I Grow Old 8/17/2014
38. Not Another Chance 8/29/2014
39. No One Knows My Thoughts 10/3/2014
40. Love Me More 11/12/2014

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Best Poem of Aanuoluwa Adebanjo

A Price To Pay For Love

A long time ago
In a little city so faraway
I came across love
In the heart of a charming young man
I found so much solace
That i gave everything
My time
My body
My heart
My soul
A day came when he needed money
To travel across the seas
And return home with treasures
It was huge
It was scarce
Yet i sacrificed everything
I sold my belongings
My properties
And everything i ever owned
And off he went
To me, he would return soon
I waited long enough
Hoping for his return
Years passed
And i was no longer the young beautiful ...

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Faces In The Crowd

Many faces in the crowd
The search goes on for one
Only some can be familiar
Few can be recognised
Little can be close
Different faces comes by
Not all can be known
Large world
Plentious people
Meeting of various kinds
Yet not many can be remembered

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