Aanuoluwa Adebanjo

Aanuoluwa Adebanjo Poems

1. If Only You Will 11/6/2013
2. Faces In The Crowd 11/6/2013
3. We'Ve Got Someone To Thank 11/6/2013
4. Being In Heaven 11/6/2013
5. A Blast From The Past 11/6/2013
6. When You Talk About... 11/7/2013
7. I Will Be There For You 12/5/2013
8. Yes, Yes And Yes! 12/9/2013
9. Let Me Be 12/9/2013
10. Talk Not To Me About Love 12/9/2013
11. Every Night 12/9/2013
12. Seek Me And Find Me 12/10/2013
13. Will This Dream Ever Stop? 12/13/2013
14. If Only-Tribute To Nelson Mandela 12/17/2013
15. Never Say Never 12/17/2013
16. Stay With Me 12/19/2013
17. A Beautiful Sky 11/11/2013
18. Tomorrow Of My Dream 11/15/2013
19. Time 11/18/2013
20. O'Africa 11/19/2013
21. A Place To Finally Call Home 11/7/2013
22. Do Not Live In Dreams 12/20/2013
23. Me And You 12/23/2013
24. Christ In Me 1/1/2014
25. Loneliness 1/11/2014
26. Dreams 1/24/2014
27. If I Ever See You Again 1/25/2014
28. Wishes 1/28/2014
29. Ife Iya Mi (My Mother's Love) 3/28/2014
30. It's Always Hard To Say Good-Bye 3/30/2014
31. Have Got My Mother's Heart 4/5/2014
32. Run With Me 4/12/2014
33. Let The Snowflakes Drop 4/13/2014
34. Don'T Leave Me Empty 5/10/2014
35. Together Forever 5/27/2014
36. Find Me A Heart That Bleeds 8/7/2014
37. When I Grow Old 8/17/2014
38. Not Another Chance 8/29/2014
39. No One Knows My Thoughts 10/3/2014
40. Love Me More 11/12/2014
Best Poem of Aanuoluwa Adebanjo

A Price To Pay For Love

A long time ago
In a little city so faraway
I came across love
In the heart of a charming young man
I found so much solace
That i gave everything
My time
My body
My heart
My soul
A day came when he needed money
To travel across the seas
And return home with treasures
It was huge
It was scarce
Yet i sacrificed everything
I sold my belongings
My properties
And everything i ever owned
And off he went
To me, he would return soon
I waited long enough
Hoping for his return
Years passed
And i was no longer the young beautiful ...

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If Only You Will

I could walk a thousand miles
If only you'll walk me
I could sleep all night long
If only you'll be by my side
I could run as fast as an hare
If only you'll be my field
I could soar like an eagle
If only you'll be my sky
I could swim in the deep

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