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Aanuoluwa Adebanjo is a writer, based mainly on the genres of prose and poetry. She loves motivational speaking and mentoring. She mentored for ‘Horses Mouth'; a UK online mentoring site, for over two years, before it went offline in late 2017.
Aanuoluwa Adebanjo is the founder and Chief Editor of 'Berrynilla Diaries'; an online platform for motiva ...

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22 November 2014

You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel

22 November 2014

If our thoughts are only based on the present, it would have been a lot easier making choices

22 November 2014

Life is a collection of memories, stored in the mind.

28 November 2014

Whatever the trial is, whatever the challenges are; learn to be thankful.

28 April 2015

Unless love finds you, you can't find love, for love is a strange thing.

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The Best Poem Of Aanuoluwa Adebanjo

A Price To Pay For Love

A long time ago
In a little city so faraway
I came across love
In the heart of a charming young man
I found so much solace
That i gave everything
My time
My body
My heart
My soul
A day came when he needed money
To travel across the seas
And return home with treasures
It was huge
It was scarce
Yet i sacrificed everything
I sold my belongings
My properties
And everything i ever owned
And off he went
To me, he would return soon
I waited long enough
Hoping for his return
Years passed
And i was no longer the young beautiful active girl
Time had taken its toil on me
It was then i realised i was waiting in exile
But my sacrifices
My money
My time
And everything i ever had
Unfortunately, was my price to pay for love

Aanuoluwa Adebanjo Popularity

Aanuoluwa Adebanjo Popularity

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