Abhishek Mishra Poems

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A Tribute To Teacher

You are my teacher
you taught me the lessons of life
It's you who made me
it's you who encouraged me

Precious Tears

Tears are precious
like pearls
moments of sorrow
are their soulmate

A Request For Nature

It's beauty is phenomenal
creations has diversity
yet it's invisible
yet it's unbiased

Childhood Memories

In childhood
I wanted to touch the sky
I wanted to fly high and high
as birds do,

Thank You All

Simple words, pure thoughts
my emotions and your smile
makes me expressive and satisfied
When people praise, I feel proud

Sweet Love

You, me and nothing else
everything seems like a fairy tale
true love has come to its optimum
which crossed every hurdle of the road and

Side Effects Of Growing Up

Whenever I remember those days
automatically a mischievous smile appears on face and eyes becomes wet
Inside me, I am desperately searching the same innocence
But, sorry friends

The Fate

Tears started raining through my eyes
I guess it was because of sudden delight
I still remember that day
when I met with a severe accident

Risen Hopes

Hopes have rised again
as when you are with me
I feel less pain
People says I am mad I laughs and says Yes I am

A Lesson

Be kind to others
have faith in yourself
lift your potential
and try your best

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