Childhood Memories Poem by Abhishek Mishra

Childhood Memories

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In childhood
I wanted to touch the sky
I wanted to fly high and high
as birds do,
Those were beautiful days
only food, fun and play
tension free all the way
In night, while feeding me
my mother used to tell me stories
some of angels, some of hero's bravery
I don't remember but she says
'you always fell asleep while listening to those 'magical' stories'
Those were wonderful days indeed
Neither there was exam fear
Nor any hesitation in disclosing pain and revealing tears
Fighting with siblings was usual
but bonding of love was stronger and deeper
Just Think..
If realizing those moments is good enough to bring a smile
then living..............................
simply awesome: -)

Ken E Hall 05 October 2013

Very nice thoughts of childhood which we all remember and explained so well and never forget...regards

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Tadasha Tripathy 05 October 2013

A beautiful poem it is.I can feel the reality of the truth.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 05 October 2013

I hope the childhood memories the best and a man can be judged.. Man as far my personnel thought, is the mystic one Fighting with siblings and next moment playing with them as if nothing happened but as we grow we discard mentally the quality where as it should be and this is because of evil ego nice memories Peace be upon you and your family

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Unwritten Soul 05 October 2013

You travel me back to my sweet time....i cant get more of being child, if i can undo my life i want to be there once again...lovely write :) it makes me feel strong and innocent again! ! thanks_Soul

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Tom Allport 09 June 2017

a poem of wonderful memories that will always bring a smile to one's face? .......well written

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Vishal Sharma 02 February 2014

Nice poem abhi Bihar rocks...! !

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Marvin Brato 07 October 2013

Childhood is indeed memorable under the guidance of our loving parents...with them beside life is happiness!

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Neela Nath Das 05 October 2013

Childhood memories haunt us time and again.A superb piece!

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Valsa George 05 October 2013

Beautiful chidhood memories! But Abhishek, you are not too far away from childhood, except having the tension of exams! I wonder how many poems have so far been written in praise of Childhood! Enjoyed this excursion to those carefree days! !

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