A Tribute To Teacher Poem by Abhishek Mishra

A Tribute To Teacher

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You are my teacher
you taught me the lessons of life
It's you who made me
it's you who encouraged me
it's you who inspires me
to have belief in my own
when I fall down
Sometimes you scolded me
sometimes you punished me
at that time it felt really bad
but now I can figure out
even that too was for my goodness
I can never pay your debt which I owe
but today atleast I can promise you
the wisdom you provided me
the morale you gifted me
I will let it be my power to bring
a better and brighter tomorrow
thanks for being
thanks for inspiring
you are my hero and you will be...

This poem is a tribute to all the teachers on the occasion of Teachers' Day.(5th september in India)
Aman Arora 11 September 2013

Teachers deserve all the regard they get, and more. Nice poem. Just in line 3,4 and 5, it should be it's and not its. When we have to say it has or it is, we use it's.

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Rajeev Deshpande 17 September 2013

It's a good poem. It is well worded also.

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 05 September 2013

a heartfelt tribute, Abhishek, to our mentors.

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Kavya . 05 September 2013

a wonderful tribute to your teachers Abhishek...good write

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Dinesan Madathil 05 September 2013

That`s very nice of you Abhishek. If you had mentioned a few names, it would have been better. When we generally refer to the teachers` class a few of your very good teachers get faded here. Anyway thanks a lot for your tribute.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 29 September 2013

Best way you adopted a well writ tribute ye composed thank10

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Unbreakable Heart 28 September 2013

That was very nice Kumar. Your poem reminded me of my student who wrote a letter for me and thanking me for encouraging her not give up whatever problems that she might encounter and truly told me that wherever she goes and whatever happened she would barely kept in mine the encouraging message that I told her which was Don't say it's hard instead your best! I am proud to say that until now, she keeps on communicating with me, not just her but all my high school, college students who remembered my teaching... That was really a wonderful poem, please keep writing and continue inspiring someone. :)

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Amitava Sur 28 September 2013

A well narrated poem giving tribute to the teacher with due love, respect & honour.

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Cassandra Jasmine 24 September 2013

Yes, indeed; it is a beautiful tribute to teachers. It was worded gracefully, yet strongly. Great poem!

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Patricia Grantham 23 September 2013

Yes teachers are really a great blessing to all of us. They give of their time and talents to see their students excel in life with the lessons that they so diligently teach us. We can never repay them but we can openly thank them for a job well done. A great write my friend.

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