Precious Tears Poem by Abhishek Mishra

Precious Tears

Rating: 3.8

Tears are precious
like pearls
moments of sorrow
are their soulmate
only with which they can be seen
tears are precious
dont let anyone see them
dedicate yourself to whom
who can loot them
only those can be a true soulmate

Geetha Jayakumar 11 September 2013

Abhishek, a lovely poem. You are right, Tears are as precious as pearls..Loved the way you presented.

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 19 September 2013

nicely put the feelig.I like this imagination

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Patricia Grantham 23 September 2013

Your poetry is very touching. Yes tears are precious because it cleanses wounds and pains inflicted by others and whatever life brings to us. Tears are priceless just as a jewel. You write this well.

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Beach Girl 23 September 2013

Tears are precious and so was this poem! I loved your poem, you words flowed so smoothly.

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Unwritten Soul 25 September 2013

The first to fourth line were really a big complimenting each other..i liked how it worked together and this poem is nicely written..i always waste my precious sometimes, but i never poor when i lose it but more comfortable with feeling..because that is what tears are for_Soul

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Goldheart Bird 03 October 2013

Beutiful poem Mr.Mishra! I liked the line Tears are precious, like pearls. Great tytial too! !

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 29 September 2013

Beautiful loved so much 10

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Jesus Diaz Llorico 28 September 2013

An awesome write, simply beautiful, tears when shed are symbols of a true heart.

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Alookh (matin) 27 September 2013

yeah! this one is really unique dear Ab! ...i always try to hide my tears...because my tears are very shy...they dont wanna be seen byy anyone....exept God! : 1

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Heather Wilkins 26 September 2013

good writing excellent thoughts. a good read

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