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You are my teacher
you taught me the lessons of life
It's you who made me
it's you who encouraged me

Tears are precious
like pearls
moments of sorrow
are their soulmate

It's beauty is phenomenal
creations has diversity
yet it's invisible
yet it's unbiased

In childhood
I wanted to touch the sky
I wanted to fly high and high
as birds do,

Simple words, pure thoughts
my emotions and your smile
makes me expressive and satisfied
When people praise, I feel proud

You, me and nothing else
everything seems like a fairy tale
true love has come to its optimum
which crossed every hurdle of the road and

Whenever I remember those days
automatically a mischievous smile appears on face and eyes becomes wet
Inside me, I am desperately searching the same innocence
But, sorry friends

Tears started raining through my eyes
I guess it was because of sudden delight
I still remember that day
when I met with a severe accident

Hopes have rised again
as when you are with me
I feel less pain
People says I am mad I laughs and says Yes I am

Be kind to others
have faith in yourself
lift your potential
and try your best

Life is awesome
thinking of its beauty always makes me smile
live it with contentment and a little fun
and surely you will realize


Pain is my best friend
it teaches me about the world
it teaches me about the people around me
their behaviour their attitude towards me

I want to be a true human
who does something for others
who is not blind and selfish
who is not arrogant and childish

Today I saw a beggar
Who was about to die because of hunger
I looked at him from feet to head
He was old and almost naked

True friends are rare
they won't let you spare
in both, times of happiness and grief...
They are like breeze of fresh air

Abhishek Mishra Biography

Hi..I am abhishek, easy going, fun loving and very helpful guy.I love the obstacles which life offers to me because they help me being more responsible and make me realize how precious life is....i like to make good friends and in future want to be a full time writer. thanks)

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A Tribute To Teacher

You are my teacher
you taught me the lessons of life
It's you who made me
it's you who encouraged me
it's you who inspires me
to have belief in my own
when I fall down
Sometimes you scolded me
sometimes you punished me
at that time it felt really bad
but now I can figure out
even that too was for my goodness
I can never pay your debt which I owe
but today atleast I can promise you
the wisdom you provided me
the morale you gifted me
I will let it be my power to bring
a better and brighter tomorrow
thanks for being
thanks for inspiring
you are my hero and you will be...

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Abhishek Mishra Popularity

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