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Ev'ry desolate ground, we harrow,
Though constrained on ev'ry way - wide and
Hit by ev'ry weapon: bow and arrow,

Though I went astray,
Me your love brought on track again.
Though my soul was desolate and frail
Me your love brought life to gain.

From D.A. Allotey – a labourer in the Lord in this age..
To the church of God who read on this page..
Greetings from Abba – hope you all fine.
This I want to tell you - that ye may shine;

If Christ be died not
Then is my life but naught.
What miserable soul be I?
Hopeless, Hopeless, Hopeless I sigh.

Our hearts are heavy,
Our souls are weary,
Our eyes are blurry.

I desired to behold her face
But she turned away a single pace.
I desired to get close to her
But she would no glimpse spare.

I saw this girl with nice hair on
She has the beauty of mountain's morn
And on her face were smiles all drawn
She diffused the air with her v-sec roll on

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The Heavenly Calling

Ev'ry desolate ground, we harrow,
Though constrained on ev'ry way - wide and
Hit by ev'ry weapon: bow and arrow,
Not know'n what await us on the morrow.
One thing we know - joy afta the sorrow.

We ain't d first to be accused,
The fathers b4 us, they abused;
Their preachings - they refused;
More so, their lives, they diffused.

We do not live high and mighty,
But d world sees us guile and guilty,
To them, we are rags and filthy;
They hate us - kill us - sheer cruelty.

In this gospel herein we are charged,
Going all out - God's Kingdom to enlarge.

The truth in our bellies we conceive,
It's from d Lord we receive
And we do no one deceive.

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Ishmael Iron Mkali 12 June 2015

jst lyk agospel holy n inspyrtion apaf-finder 2 astryt paf

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Patricia Grantham 02 June 2015

Poet Abossey is a very gifted writer. His poems are full of emotions and deep thoughts. They are spiritually inspiring and uplifting. I am honored to have read some of his works. Keep on excelling in the world of poetry.

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Love is love that passes the test of life.

The highest form of thanksgiving you can give to God for keeping you alive is to fulfill the purpose for which he kept you alive: it is not necessarily in your saying 'thank you'.

the past cannot be changed, it could have been avoided but if you couldn't avoid it, accept the fact that you lived it and move on.some people of our past are lessons - yes - but without such lessons our future may be worse than the past, which means that they are blessings too for a better future. nothing happens by chance; we just need wisdom to convert everything that happens into blessing

Everybody is biut'ful but not everybody sees the beauty in everybody; not everybody sees how biut'ful everybody is and at least everybody has somebody who sees him/her biut'ful but even if nobody sees how biut'ful you are, that should not be a worry cos maybe you are so unique that nobody sees it. In reality you don't need anyone to tell you, you're beautiful. You should just know

There's no hope in life and no life in hope than those in Christ Jesus - - the Lord. For this, there's no doubt...

If there be very few words left to be written and very few steps to be taken, i will gear them towards God, love and kids

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