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At dawn
When birds sing
Fluttering their wings
And dancing on tree tops

I hear that call
From far away
Gentle, caressing...
Those tender words


Words show me brightest of lights
Words show me darkest of nights

Words make tender my heart

I stand before you!
My eyes are crimson,
So are yours.
We are torn

I want to behold your face
On the belly of the horizon
Growing darker and darker
Until it bursts

Time has passed by
And slowly we rise
From the dark pit of our slumber

The battle is over
The dust has settled
Together we toil
in the void of a collosal loss

My heart is soft
My eyes are wet
Each night I wait

Upon each turn of my head,
I behold your face-
Your presence fills my heart

O’ Mother Africa
Wipe away these beads of sorrow
That harrow and scorn thy lovely brow

In your face
Beyond the embers
That glow in you eyes
I see that day

With stern faces we stand
On this beckoning sand
Facing east
Praying for the deceased

Friends are fair flowers
That adorn
The fields of life

From the gloom of my nights to the light of my days
I find myself counting your countless salient ways

Could I ever imagine the pain I caused you

Amidst the dark walls
Of ignorance,
Your call rose, still rises,
Higher than the sun,

Akmal, my dear
Is this you that I see
This little ruby
Sparkling with innocence

O' brightest of stars
O' worthiest of praise
O' warmest of shoulders
O' my prop in distress

Each time I close my eyes
Images of the days gone by
Like a flood come surging
I see you emerge from the kitchen

I look; in the glitter of your eyes
I see the promise of paradise
On your smooth celestial face
I see the boundless beauty of the black race

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At dawn
When birds sing
Fluttering their wings
And dancing on tree tops
It is the vision of you

At noon
When wind blows
Soft across the fields
Offering sweet fragrance
It is the fantasy of you

At dusk
When sun retires
Behind the hunchback
Of the Ocean
It is the longing for you

At night
When stars rule the skies
Smiling down
Upon sleeping heads
It is the dream of you

And now
As the pen dances
To the melody
Of the strings of my violin
It is the memory of you.

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Abubakar Ahmed Imam Popularity

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