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Maya Angelou-

From the story of your life,
One learnt much about life-

As life is unfolding its mysteries and illusion
Confuse and convince all are;
Whatever life brings, life is beautiful.

Puissant are books:
before erudition is of pride:
much love for knowledge
and little for pleasure,

As reality of life unfold itself
With gentle speed of time
Characterize with
sunshine of struggles

the ancient source of peace,
and the ancient source of unity;
Love, one virtue much adore.

Legacy of disdain
in the season of anomaly
despite all allegiance.
Season of sorrow,

Under the wind of love
There our love lay perpetually
There we merry together happily
Among us, there are no foes

Better live the best life,
To have best reward in life;
Better live not as one like to live,
But as one ought to live.


One read poems
in sweet pains,
but in all poems
there is so much to gain.

The love of pleasure
Is inherent in all mankind:
By nature, quest for the peak
Of all pleasurable experiences.

My country:
It was all nostalgia;
It was all entwined.

Life is not a segue terrain my dears

People may hate or love you sometimes

What kind of inhumane fellow
i do not know:
but bunch of rebel
clothes with guns and armors

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" Poems One read poems in sweet pains, but in all poems there is so much to gain. So much to gain, like euphoria, that makes one read them again. Poems are written, from in depth reasonings, reasonings needed for all seasons. Each poem comes with lessons, great lessons, that intuit in depth reasonings, reasonings needed for real blessing. In all, each poem is nothing but a real blessing For every season." I am a lawyer and lover of poetry.)

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Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou-

From the story of your life,
One learnt much about life-

One need not to despair,
Even life itself is unfair.

Life tenets, one need to adhere,
For all struggles one must prepare.

We climb life laddar in tears,
But one must perserver.

Maya, So many good about you,
That propelled the greatness in you.

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'Never stop loving, never start hating; love all till you transcend this life.'

'Should law regulates love or love should regulates laws? I think love & its tenet should be rationally & logically imputed into legal theory to bringlasting peace the world crave for.'

Someone may obey laws but does not love, but anyone that love will obey all fair laws.

The distinction between love and laws, is that love work from inside of mankind while laws work from outside of mankind, that is, love correct the intent and actions of a man, while laws correct his action alone_ The simple analysis of this is that: A person that is propel to act just to obey laws, will need to be told, guided and sometimes compel to act in the rightful way, while a person that is propel to act by love need not to be told, guided and compel to act in a loving or rightful way but instead he act natural from heart(good intent) . The final conclusion is that, love and its tenet needs to be imputed rationally and logically into legal theory in order to make perfect laws(good-fair laws) that will bring about true justice and lasting peace. © Ransome Adejugbe 2015 Note: Remember Apostle Paul(Paul of Tersus) said ' He that love have fulfilled the law' Roman 13: 8.

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Adesegun Adejugbe Popularity

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