Voy A Hacer Que Voy A Hacer Poem by Joshua Adeyemi

Voy A Hacer Que Voy A Hacer

I think i'll like to join the atheists,
And sit in the counsels of the agnostics.
But before i join these crowd:
"Tell me with reasoning, what dwells beyond the cloud."
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: religion
Akhtar Jawad 10 April 2018

Endless space, endless time, it's infinity that constrains us to believe in an ancient power.

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Victor Adex 18 January 2018

another fallabiity of reason is that the laws that applies here do not always appear elsewhere. but if you must truely see the one behind the clouds (which i doubt is where He is) creation will reveal him, he has hidden measures of himself in his work. selah

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Victor Adex 18 January 2018

i think what the writer seek cannot be found behind the veil of reason, even our constant discoveries and increasing awareness do not stop baffling us with how much our ignorance is. there is a realm of superconsciousness as much as a subconciousness. a poet ought to learn the way of the mystic to understand that which stands beyound space and time in a place of eternity and immortality.

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Quincy Moses 10 January 2018

A lot of wrong teaching and stiff hearts They think they open minded but take shots at the meek They entice you with gifts like sweethearts But in the end its Christ you really seek.

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Ajoshberry 10 January 2018

A poetic comment... Thank you!

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