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My name is Adilson Pinto, I am 58 years old, I am Professor of English and poet. I am also a photographic model: : I work with advertising. I was born to express myself! I don't know what it would be of me if I wouldn't have permision of expressing myself! I express myself writing and speaking. I would like to express myself trhough the music, bu ...

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Ivan Beta 30 June 2019

This is so rich, sir. Jesus bless you at all.

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Prabir Gayen 23 March 2019

A poet of rare talent.... thanks dear poet......///

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A Philosophical Poem (Playing With Rhymes)

Don't waste your time speaking aloud
Against someone you don't have proud:
Otherwise you may say a hard word
And hurt deeply like a blade of a sword!
No, don't waste your precious time
Saying to everybody: really I'm
Against him! It will be better if you
Shut up your mouth because who
Try to understand the situation of another
Considering that he is a brother
Among billions of human beings
A very reasonable act - it seems!
Yes, there are many despicable ones
Against whom we'd like to throw stones
A lot of killers who live among us!
But keep calm, don't do thus!
Because there is a powerful law
Which says exactly it: ' Oh!
Did you act wrong to someone?
Before you come to count from one
to ten - you will pay for this! '
Yes, keep calm, think in the trees
Think in the birds, think in your soul:
And if the winds come - let them blow!

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Adilson Pinto Popularity

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