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As thine wake up to the winter misty morning,
With no sunlight,
Bright colorful flowers or the chirping birds singing their song,
The Feeling of death lurks within thy.

In the moment of drowsiness and indolence,
I am elevated to a new dimension,
Away to a forest, Oh so dense,
Brings a feeling of new sensation.

The Whispering wind blows beside me,
And the chirping birds softly sing their song,
The living leaves of Gaia no longer we see,
As winter has come and it seeks to live long.

In a dream of the deepest thoughts of mine,
I could see a lady under the eyes of the stars,
Looking into my eyes as we dine'
In the finest of all love hours.

The hot noon sun rises up,
And the dry leaves of the season drop,
Cigarette smoke and the smell of tobacco rise,
And the loud honk of the car cries.

Strange hours calling my mighty soul,
Into the lair of death,
Showing me the path of light,
Towards death is my sight.

I pray to thee mother nature,
Thine beauty none can match,
Sweet or sour thy feature,
Life or death thee hatch.


It was love at first sight,
When i saw thee pretty face,
Nature sang songs,
With passion, love and grace.

At the time when the sun burns and dies,
And the midnight moon rises,
The light shines above us,
And thy face so pretty and fabulous,

The evening of loneliness,
When the wind whispers thou name,
I are forced to bow down to distress.

Shivers sensually tickle my feet with cold,
As I lay in bed recovering after a long night out,
Emotions within start to unfold,
Imploding love where everything else apart from her I flout.

Will thou dine with me?
A question I seek to ask,
Will thou let me be thy fool?
As my heart seeks that task.

I had such a dream last night,
I was floating above the trees,
And my lips were touching,
Were they my lips she asked.

There’s fire in the smoky sky,
Ice layered above water,
Laws of nature, Humans defy,
The world seeks to an end.

The stars look down upon my heavy heart,
I stare back with a grin that shows my pain,
A questioning mind of my doesn’t let my happiness grow,
So I ask my self another question am I still sane?

It was a gloomy evening, where sight was dull,
Wind blowing hard and life was null,
Except for the tree's covered by the shade of a dark cloud,
The sound of the whistling wind wasn’t very loud,

Wishing for the sunset to resurrect into noon,
And clouds to vanish like cigarette smoke in air,
Our time together has left to soon,
And I want the noon to ever last and remain forever fair.

Passing sweet memories where do thy dance away?
In search for thy lair I have spent my life in vain,
Like the sway of breezes thy come & go away,
Oh please! Oh please! Let me dance with thee & stay.

The world is a haven of lies,
Its eyes see it as the truth,
Look through the eyes of the golden god,
And the true truth thy shall loot.

At the moment when the sun burns and dies,
The forest of the eastern hemisphere lives on in utter darkness,
The mountains rough wind blowing hard and sighs,
As the lizard of night scratches the rocks with might.

Aditya Mudbhary Biography

Aditya Mudbhary started poetry from a very young age. His inspirations come from the likes of John Keats and Walt Whitman. Despite his birth in Nepal, his first language is English as he was brought up with a Cambridge education since a very young age. He can be seen as a revolutionary artist of words who combines old English with contemporary vocabulary. He is known to deliberately write in this form in order to defy the institutionalization of poetry and to conserve poetry's freedom of expression. He believes that rules in any form of art weeds out the inner feelings and emotions. This he believes allows his poems to capture the vivid expressions and feelings that are otherwise lost due to institutionalization. His revolt against the world of literature in order to free the poets of the future from rules and criticism of professors will live as long as his poems are alive. It is this revolt and his flaming desire to express his feelings and wisdom that distinguishes his poetry from the rest. The major themes he writes about are love and pain.)

The Best Poem Of Aditya Mudbhary

Death Fear It Not

As thine wake up to the winter misty morning,
With no sunlight,
Bright colorful flowers or the chirping birds singing their song,
The Feeling of death lurks within thy.

Close to thee, Thy see nothing,
Just fog and the gloomy atmosphere sing,
A close friend of old age comes and pays a visit to your fable feelings,
Although I tell thee, There is no need to be afraid.

Death makes angel's of us all,
And leads us a path of a new crawl,
Indifferent forms, Yes I tell thee,
But that's how nature works and that's how it wants to see.

Aditya Mudbhary Comments

Fabrizio Frosini 18 January 2016

a young, bright poet whose poetry is filled with a beautiful imagery and enticing messages, but also with pain, sorrow and hope.. I enjoyed reading your poems, Aditya. Keep on posting! Peace

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Pratikshya Sedhain 20 August 2013

very good poems. I liked all. thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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Anonymous Butterfly 26 February 2010

Hi, I've read all your poems and you have the gift of writing and you show your emotions. That's the reason why most of people write to express themselves or they use it as their PersonalDiary. (I do.) Sometimes. I liked The World Empire most. Keep penning. B.B.

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Terence Nabbs 07 October 2009

dear eddie I've read all your work and I am surprised by the use of feeling you put into your poetry for such a young age, looking foreward to more terry

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