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Thoughtless I am, I've chosen you over all else.
I will burn cities for you.
I would sacrifice my innocence for you.
I will never let you give up.

I just want to be happy.

All I ever wanted was to
Just hang with my friends,

Bury your sorrow.
Push back your anger.
Leave your punishment.
Tear apart the ackward silence.


No matter what’s changed,
Your always welcome.
No matter who’s gone,
Its still there.

Look up in the sky.
See the stars, bright in the night?
I don't, all I see is your beautiful face,
Lit the way I love it.

A wind blows across your face, leaving a itch on your nose. 
You reach up to scratch it, but your arm doesn't move.
You look down only to see your skin is made of glass.
You panic, and suddenly feel out of breath.

I want to carry you.

You tell me to stop.

I've chosen, I'm going to take a left, and head straight towards her in the forest, not the grove…

…I want to tell her, but someones holding me back…

We dance a wicked dance.
Spining, ducking, weaveing.
We are parters of the same flag.
We survive it all, I watch your back, you watch mine.

I wanna hear it,
Tell me now,
Or I swear I'll cripple you.
You never learn, you b***h!

'Love is not an easy thing, love is not an easy all that you can bring is all that cannot leave behind'-U2, Walk On

Through moonlight I see you.
Shadows light and artistic.

She was mourning when he found her.
A pretty girl of eighteen.
She clutched a later in her hand.
She looked so crushed.

You've stood in the rain long enough, it's time to come inside.
I understand why your crying, but your trying to hide them I this rain.
You've cried for so long the reddness has been washed away.
Please understand that I still hate you.

Please help, someone HELP!

Those are the last words I hear every time the nightmares end.

These undisclosed desires in my heart have to stop now.

I need you to recognize me before before they force themselves up my throat and all over the floor.

I Can't Sleep, How About You?

I spent the night in silence.

I can't sleep.

I'm not sure what's keeping me up all night anymore.

You wouldn't believe

The way she is

You should tell her.
Not when you feel like it,
Not when she needs it,
Not tomorrow,

She's had a long and tragic love life.

Her gifts are on display for all to see.

Adrian Cordova Biography

Just a high school kid with a few things to say. A Biography huh? How about an Autobiography instead! Hmmm, my favorite music lyrics? Not Good Enough For The Truth In Cliche by Escape The Fate 'sitting in this room, playing Russian roulette finger on the trigger, to my dear Juliet! ' I'll let you listen to the rest of the song yourself. Peace! Okay, so I've read some of the comments you guys have left for me, and wow, just wow. I mean, okay, not only have you guys made me that much more confident in my poetry, but I just think y'all are the best. But in all truth, I just dont think I'm all you make me out to be, but thanks all the same. Wow, you people actually like MY poetry, dats awesome, so here's a big amazed thank you to y'all. I guess I started writing when I was around 13, although it wasn't poetry, just short stories and such. I started writing poetry late last year, although I don't honestly think they're any good, but that for you to decide not I. I've written a good deal of my works from personal experience, although some of my inspiration come from other peoples stories and Music. I guess one of my ambitions is to be a fully published author, with several book, each with some commendation from a zine or critic or organization. That's about as interesting ad it gets, so imma gonna bouce, PEACE!  Theres one thing i do not appreciate ppl talking about on my comments and its that you have to bring the 'god' subject to light, i have no god because i am an atheist so i ask you now, do not say anything with a remote analogy to god on my poems)

The Best Poem Of Adrian Cordova

And As I Fall (Follow Up To No Matter What)

Thoughtless I am, I've chosen you over all else.
I will burn cities for you.
I would sacrifice my innocence for you.
I will never let you give up.
Runaway with me my love, for the world is dead set on keeping us apart.
I will do everything I can, and everything I cannot do, for you.
And if you are to die, you will die in my arms, and no where else.
And in my burning rage, and immortal love, I will storm the very gates of,
Or whatever heaven substiute you have been sent to.
For that is all you deserve, heaven, and nothing less.
And remember as I fall, you are the only reason I rise again, for I am not human, but a beast.
A beast that has been tamed by your beauty, exteral and internal.

For Olette and Alie

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Adrian cordova 30 April 2022

My name is adrian cordova too... i search my name in google and this website appear... i hope i meet you other multiverse

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Sherri Coulter 30 June 2010

A spark of light in a somewhat dull/dim world, this poet, makes one leap in heart and mind as words of emotion flood the page.

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Cira Cortes 30 June 2010

your poems are really good. i have read your autobiography and i cant help but agree on the song, Not Good Enough For The Truth In Cliche by Escape The Fate, it is my favorite song too! i lovee escape the fate! :)

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Bryan Riley 29 April 2010

Your poetry is truly amazing. The imagery is striking. I write a lot from my own pain and frustration, and your work really speaks to the dark, quietly turbulent spaces in my psyche where my own craft originates. Your poems get better and better. Keep writing! There are few poets who can capture an image the way you do. Run with it!

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Shianne Rohrig 17 April 2010

i really like crying for her and think you should keep writing :) - shishi

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