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Adrian Henri was a British poet and painter, best remembered as the founder of poetry-rock group The Liverpool Scene and as one of three poets in the best-selling anthology The Mersey Sound, along with Brian Patten and Roger McGough . The trio of Liverpool poets came to prominence in that city's Merseybeat zeitgeist of the 1960s and 1970s. He was described by Edward Lucie-Smith in British Poetry since 1945 as the "theoretician" of the three. His characterisation of popular culture in verse helped to widen the audience for poetry among 1960s British youth. He was influenced by the French Symbolist school of poetry and surrealist art.

Adrian Henri's grandfather was a seaman from Maurit ...

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Jo Seear 07 October 2005

Has anyone ever read the poem by Adrian Henri entitled 'The new, Fast automatic daffodils'? I'm trying to find a copy and haven't had any luck. Please post it on the site! !

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Anita Gregory 03 September 2005

if youlike adrian henri try brian pattern, and rodger mcgough

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Sallie Howson 18 June 2005

i love adrian henri's poems. could someone post some more of his work here please?

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Shakira Nandini 22 June 2021

nice poems

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Good Poet 26 November 2018

I think his poems are good but I think he could make them more interesting for e.g. the poem Autumn I think it could h

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Good Poet 26 November 2018

He is a talented poet but I think he could make his poems more interesting like the one called Autumn I think he could make it more interesting by adding more........ rhythm but that's just my comment but truthfully I think its not up to me so....yea but like thins comment if you agree :)

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Sonu thakur 06 August 2018

Very nice

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Dark Mavis 08 November 2005

wonderful poet, wonderful man, sadly missed........ annoyed when i saw there was only 2 of his poems on here! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! if i ever get the time, i will rectify this........

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The Best Poem Of Adrian Henri

Love Is...

Love is...

Love is feeling cold in the back of vans

Love is a fanclub with only two fans

Love is walking holding paintstained hands

Love is.

Love is fish and chips on winter nights

Love is blankets full of strange delights

Love is when you don't put out the light

Love is

Love is the presents in Christmas shops

Love is when you're feeling Top of the Pops

Love is what happens when the music stops

Love is

Love is white panties lying all forlorn

Love is pink nightdresses still slightly warm

Love is when you have to leave at dawn

Love is

Love is you and love is me

Love is prison and love is free

Love's what's there when you are away from me

Love is...

Adrian Henri Popularity

Adrian Henri Popularity

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