Adrian Henri

(10 April 1932 - 20 December 2000 / Birkenhead, Cheshire)

Love Is... - Poem by Adrian Henri

Love is...

Love is feeling cold in the back of vans

Love is a fanclub with only two fans

Love is walking holding paintstained hands

Love is.

Love is fish and chips on winter nights

Love is blankets full of strange delights

Love is when you don't put out the light

Love is

Love is the presents in Christmas shops

Love is when you're feeling Top of the Pops

Love is what happens when the music stops

Love is

Love is white panties lying all forlorn

Love is pink nightdresses still slightly warm

Love is when you have to leave at dawn

Love is

Love is you and love is me

Love is prison and love is free

Love's what's there when you are away from me

Love is...

Comments about Love Is... by Adrian Henri

  • Subhas Chandra Chakra (5/5/2018 11:45:00 PM)

    Nice poem to read, it is an amazing love poem.
    A new and novel way of defining Eros.
    Congratulations for being picked as the member poem of the day.
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  • Kenneth Maswabi (5/5/2018 12:04:00 PM)

    Love is a beautiful poem written for two.Thank you very much for sharing. (Report) Reply

  • Kumarmani Mahakul (5/5/2018 8:08:00 AM)

    Love has been defined in various way touchingly. Beautiful poem. (Report) Reply

  • Anil Kumar Panda (5/5/2018 7:24:00 AM)

    Love is a feeling that is pure and sublime. Nice poem. Enjoyed many definitions of love. Thanks for sharing. (Report) Reply

  • (5/5/2018 7:03:00 AM)

    Love is prison and love is free, indeed. (Report) Reply

  • Rajnish Manga (5/5/2018 4:56:00 AM)

    Very well conceptualized. Nice poem. Thanks. (Report) Reply

  • Edward Kofi Louis (5/5/2018 4:54:00 AM)

    'Blankets full of strange delights'!

    Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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  • Tom Allport (5/5/2018 2:38:00 AM)

    a poem of love is all around and can hit you when you don't know? ............lovely written AH (Report) Reply

  • Bernard F. Asuncion (5/5/2018 1:30:00 AM)

    Such a great lovely poem by Adrian Henri👍👍👍 (Report) Reply

  • Dr.tony Brahmin (5/5/2018 1:05:00 AM)

    Love is blankets full of strange delights
    Love isssssssssssssss .. beautiful poem, . thanks PH for selecting poems and presenting it to us even after their death...... would you also present our poems after our death?
    (Report) Reply

  • Robert Murray Smith (5/5/2018 1:03:00 AM)

    A middle- of the- road poem. Doesn't deserve its so-called ranking in top 500 poems. (Report) Reply

  • (11/23/2017 12:41:00 PM)

    This just stole my heart, what an apt description, I am sure from a first hander! ! (Report) Reply

  • Jon Holloway (8/20/2017 9:38:00 AM)

    This is one of my favourites, it inspired me write a poem about love lost. The formatting will be bad but I have pasted it bellow. It was published circa 1997. I think Adrian's was much better and more positive!


    Stop smiling at me out of your photograph
    I know you are crying

    Your toothbrush sits in a little holder
    It will not be used again

    The food you bought for our evening is still in the fridge
    I shall eat it alone

    Stop laughing at me out of your photograph
    I know you are crying

    We made love in an understanding silence
    Now I make toast

    You would never give me the chance to be myself
    Now I am me

    I hope that you will be happy somewhere
    Not with me

    She giggled at me out of her picture
    I tore it up
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  • Chinedu Dike (1/27/2017 8:05:00 PM)

    Beautiful love poem, well articulated and nicely penned in good diction with conviction. (Report) Reply

  • Mohammed Asim Nehal (10/28/2016 10:40:00 AM)

    What a love, , , , , , , Fantastic (Report) Reply

  • Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek (7/18/2016 9:49:00 PM)

    ya, simple definition of love. i agree love is..... (Report) Reply

  • (5/21/2014 9:27:00 AM)

    The poem and contents of poem is love and affection which sees the poet in every angle and it is awesome (Report) Reply

  • Paul Sebastian (5/5/2014 5:11:00 AM)

    Great write! Love is found in all the little ways that express being loved. (Report) Reply

  • K.c. Ford (5/4/2014 6:08:00 AM)

    Could be written by most with a pen in hand - didn't tax his brain with this one. (Report) Reply

  • (5/4/2014 5:29:00 AM)

    I love the work of the Liverpool poets, many years ago at school I read all of their work, there are good anthologies,
    try the one from Penguin..
    (Report) Reply

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