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O! Don't Harass Me

Rosy-raidant vent: please listen to me early in morning
Someone came to mind, silently quoted something
And then vanished from behind the journey lost,
Ways became annoying, the sky is quite passive.


Neelum (beautiful sapphire, always shining bright)
Neelum is a resting place.
of this blue shimmer.
Where joy lulls into eyes the joy,

In Rainy Season

In the rainy season you seem to be more
Appealing, sober, and sweet, and when

The yummy drops glow your brown skin.

Love Affair

The singing stream in a virgin vale patiently
Passing with the myths and mysteries
Of the past, like a mellowed female in grief and glee
Without any hurry, how fair is her clear flow?

You Got Me Wrong

What is love what a love? O fool the love will
Not let you alone, do you know O moth of love
When Mosses was in wildernesses caught,
Looking for warmth of the sun,

Heart's Song

I'm a bard of the spring fields.
Where pleasure and beauty yields.

I'm a Stamp fan of Merry land,

We Are Both Thirsty

Where have you gone, little meadow gazelle?
The midday sun is twinkling on the meadow.
As well as fountains that pump up everlasting wine.
On the upper east side, I do see rays of sunshine.

Solomon And Dal

A gleaming jewel precisely set
surrounded by wet lands, gardens,
shadowed by the Solomon
A majestic mountain and foothills with hoary peaks.

Wherever You Live, Be Every Pleasure There

Wherever you live,
Be every pleasure there.
Wherever you live,
Be the life there.

I Love To Dance With My Shades

I love to dance with my shade. I am a gentle, sweet
And a scared woman, laughing
lies in my fibre fibre
Of my nature, I laugh upon me too; as a human, I do care,

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