Oh! rosy-raidant vent:
kindly! listen to me-
Someone! came to mind;
silently qouted something,

Neelum (beautiful sapphire always shinning bright)
Neelum is a resting place of
of this blue shimmer.
Where joy lulls into eyes the joy,

In the rainy season you're looking more lovely, sober and sweet,
And when yummy drops, glow
your rind; with celestial syrup.
And happy winds don't miss a moment,

A singing stream in a virgin vale

Patiently passing!
with mysteries of past,

You got me wrong
What is love what a love?
O! fool! love will nay let you alone,
Do you know O! moth of love,

Where are you meadow gazelle?
The sun is dazzling on the mead.
And fountains pump pure wine
On every side there is sunshine.

I'm a Bard of the spring fields,
Where pleasure and beauty yields.

I'm a Stamp fan of merry land,

A gleaming jewel precisely set
surrounded by wet lands, gardens
Shadowed by Solomon a Majestic
Mount and foothills with hoary peaks

I'm gentle sweet and scared: a woman,
Laughing lies in my fibre fibre of spirit,
So I do laugh, upon Me too, as a human,
I do care, methink! every femme ought care every minute,

A hermit came in our city, after long interval,
And sung in his own music some sonnets,
Some silent sreets again settled tosome extent,
His, song arouse in sick minds of people a consent,

Surely! you are my journey, dear pearly!
You are my pray, for me
You're a piece of moon though

You've yourself selected your sincere love,
Among a multitude of your mates, of status.
I' hold this opinion though you've a sweet dove, of some

Ah! had I been a singing bird,
My love,
I would sing for you such a sonnet,
That you've never before heard

Human is an infectious virus,
Where ever he goes,
He leaves a virus,
Because he doesn't care about,

Cute and cool, wind of himaliyan hill,
Daily blow, but very slow, by different routes,

Over crocus flowers and over

There will come: sweet rains from the heaven,
On the ground and doves of
promised land.
Will overfly with the gleeful song's forever--

Neither this moon'll be there- -
Nor the stars'll remain,
But I will be for ever yours- -
Sight was searching for you

The life's journey is laden with flowers and thorns.
Whatever you come across, is to your best,
Keep the hopes less, within the gales, the candle never burns,
Amie! walk on the straight path, there is naught-unrest,

If Covid will go, and that time may come,
I shall see you, it's my pledge bless me fine.
When love, floats like a fountain with hum hum,
I shall see you, let there be thunder rain or the storm.

I' come from a brown field:
to graze My sheep,
Into meadows of westward---
While, spring-wind appear with her pledged word---

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O! Don't Harass Me

Oh! rosy-raidant vent:
kindly! listen to me-
Someone! came to mind;
silently qouted something,
Then swiftly vanish from behind,
The journey lost
way become annoying, uzr unpleasant
within midwinter,
The sky is quite passive,
Stars slept in its azure island,
Swells of sea became unsound,
Shoots, shrubs and flutter quails also lay to asleep,
Flowers slept laterswimming in their own perfume.
Everything seems in sound slumber
Stones rocks and the trees,
Wanders! of dimness invade the froi ground,
Spirits with moving lips and curved knees begun walking around,
The shades of tundra trees.
My sweet feeling! summon up some past things,
They may bring up a procession of forgotten springs,
O! lonely night don't harass me
In tranquillity,
Rosy-raidant vent!
I' dreamed as my friend too fleed.
Swear! You'll not refuse to plead.



In my backyard of thoughts someone glow a candle of dreams...

Islam teaches naught nationalism, but the universalism.....

When our politics speak that they are born out of honesty, I do trust it, But am aware of their falsehoid:

Woman is like a willow tree, Cool and soft Ah! shadows sweet.

Letter writing Vs Messenger text, Former is like a gift And latter nothing more then a puff-

Does birds need passport? No, They enjoy freedom and liberty But, who seized freedom of humans to move free?

A great poet must be not nationalist, but universalist, nationalism is like a creek, and universalism is vast sea, He must be like a flying bird free, the world is a garden and we human beings are it's colorful flowers......

Great is He who keeps God in heart

'Migration is also a worship Because, the Prophet migrate'

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AFFAQ NABI Popularity

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