Edward Kofi Louis Africa Poems

Rhythm Of Africa!

Dance, dance!
With the muse of Africa;
Tap, tap!
With the rhythm of Africa;

Urban Africa

Love potion,
Grow with me;
Urban Africa,
Come with me;


Heap of wood,
Kindle the fire in Africa!
With narrow windows above the guardrooms.
To the African civilizations,

Mama Africa

Mama Africa! !
To be bullish or to be sheepish,
Cry out loud when you have hope to fulfil your dreams!
For Mama Africa is ready to lead you on.

Mother Africa

Move, move, move!
Academic and academicians;
Where are you to move Mother Africa forward?
Think, think, think!

Sunshine Africa! !

Fine with my mind,
To dine with you,
Sunshine Africa! !
With the muse of the wine.

Talents Die Easily In Africa!

Oh talents, oh talents!
Talents do die easily in Africa;
But, talents are special gifts which,
Money cannot buy.

Hope Of Africa

Rising Star! !
Hope of Africa,
With the muse of your sweet mind.

She Is Mama Africa!

Mama Africa!
Welcome to Africa,
Mamaa! Mamaa! !
Mama Africa my Homeland;

Mama Africa's Identity

Mama Africa's identity,
And of the Fulanis and the Fulbes;
But the Savannah and the Sahara are here to stay in Africa.
Mama Africa's identity,

Image Of Africa

Image of Africa,
Where is the family in our family today on this earth?
Image of Africa,
Where is the society in our society today in this world?

Africa! ! !

Africa! ! !
Born over here with the muse of my mind;
With acquaintances around me.

'Papa Africa'

From the sweet came the kiss!
And, from beauty came love;
Long overdue,
Starving from this love.

Africa Cup Of Nations!

'War zone'!
In Malabo;
AFCON 2015,
Africa Cup Of Nations!

Day Break Africa

Twenty-one days to an overthrow,
Twenty-one years from a hide-out;
Day break Africa with news around the world!
Out of changes, out of words,

Born In Africa 2

Out of the womb of my mother;
Born in Africa,

Hitting East Africa

Cyclone! ! ! !

Hitting East Africa,

Like Literature From Africa

Dim! ! !
Eyes in the dark!
Like literature from Africa.

The Dust Of Africa

The dust of Africa,
Born into the mist of a dusty atmosphere;
What does the future hold for us?
Oh Africa! Oh Africa! ! Oh Africa! ! !

Out Of Africa

Out of Africa;
Out of Africa;

Tanzania In Africa

Rise up Africa!
Rise up Africans! !
Rise up Ghana!
Rise up Ghanaians! !

Mama Africa Is On The Horizon

A righteous reputation,
A just man is all that it needs;
For Mama Africa is on the horizon!

Born In Africa

I am born in Africa with the odd triangle,
But that is not the end of my story with you;
And i have the hope of meeting up with stars one day.
Across the ages of history are the ages of mankind,

Mama Africa's Treasure

On the run!
With your mind;
On the move!
With your love;

Black And White Mountain Of Africa

The Black and White Mountain of Africa!
Give me hope and let me move my mind to the world;
And just to fit in like a human being,
Because making choices is part of man.

Somewhere In Africa

Somewhere in Africa with my mind,
Somewhere in Africa with my muse,
Somewhere in Africa with my words,
Somewhere in Africa with my works;

Wake Up Africa!

Oh Africa, wake up! !
Travelling around from place to place;
But, blessed are the merciful.

My Africa

The fidelity of your love and the refelctions of your smile!
Africa, my Africa! !
To take a mile with my mind to touch the hearts of many.

Growing Up In Africa

In Africa 3

With the alarm of the clock to wake me up in Africa!
To wash my face and to learn from the ways of life;
To follow after righteous laws,
Homeland Africa! !

In Africa 2

Kindred spirits,
Love! !
Sunshine Africa;

Greetings From Africa

Lost, cost, post!
Greetings from Africa;
Transgress the laws and face the wrath of the rod.

Air Africa!

Take me back home;
Air Africa!
With the muse of beautiful minds;
Down to Africa where the sun shines.

Africa! !

Africa! !
With my story,
The place of my birth;
Life and nature,

Another Day In Africa

Another day in Africa,
Another love to share with you;
Muse of life!
Works of joy,

Made In Africa

To belong to a land.

Snow In Africa! ! !

Snow in Africa! ! !
In North Africa and South Africa;
Once a while after the ways of nature,
Surprisingly at times when the cold comes in.

Face Of Africa

There are heirs in all ages,
Accepting who i am and being original with my works;
Over and under!
To all nations with my works.

Voice Of Africa

The voice of Africa!
With a voice from Africa;
Of my identity,
Of my muse,

Going To Africa

The gathering of the spirits!
The gathering of the minds,
The gathering of the people,
The gathering of the race;

In Africa

Lovely is the red valley of your muse,
For you do have the electricity and i don't!
Lovely is the black valley of your love,
For you do have the electricity an di don't!

Sand Of Africa

He chose the Sand of Africa and a Ship,
And of the meaning better known to the world;
But the flaming fire will surely burn in the bush.
Love yourself and do not hate others,

Mama Africa Wants To....

African girl,
You are like the slice of cake and the muse of love;
But od present the status on your right hand side to meet up with your mind,
Because the youthful act of your muse is like a call from Mama Africa.

In East Africa

He was rich,
She was rich,
But there were many poor people around them!
And like what is now seen in East Africa.

Mama Africa Ii.

Love and peace to you from the mind of the African,
For Mama Africa is here to stay;
And of the great love from the muse of Africa,
So pay us a visit to see what we are made of.

Mama Africa Will... Ii.

We are obligated to thank you for your visit,
And Mama Africa will always be there for you;
Because the light of this continent shines all year round,
And like the muse of your love that attracted us to you.

The Horn Of Africa

The Horn of Africa is full of Pirates and,
They've captured many ships;
But one day, they will live to regret their actions!

A King In Africa

I am a King in Africa and a lover to your heart,
So come and pay me homage my sweet lady;
I am a King in Africa and,
You are very beautiful and nurtured;

Sunshine Africa!

Hatred is the main cause of death and,
Love is the true act of peace;
But, i am living in Africa where the sun shines and,
I want to reach out to the whole world with my muse.

Mama Africa Will Always Be With You

Of the animals of the field by night and,
Of the birds of the air by day;
Mama Africa will always be with you when you do visit,
For this continent is very different form others.