Day Break Africa Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

Day Break Africa

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Twenty-one days to an overthrow,
Twenty-one years from a hide-out;
Day break Africa with news around the world!
Out of changes, out of words,
One out of the muse that i bring to you;
Living on One Dollar a day means that,
We have no aids but hunger! !
Day break Africa with words from a bard,
Like a serious rethinking to all mankind;
Life in Africa matters to me a lot.

Braving through the thick and thin clouds of Africa,
Like the time when a party wins;
A muse like this puts up a serious rethinking.
Day break Africa with hunger,
Day break Africa with hospitality;
Mark the beloved child who wakes up early with,
No food at all! Yes, an empty stomach! !
Just like their parents and care-takers,
Just like the things you see around;
A life and death struggle for survival!

Lawlessness! A child is born;
With an empty bowl beside him or her.
This is to learn about the hardships of Africa,
This is to grow up in the mist of nothing;
Where many talents die out easily!

From hope to poverty,
from the North to the South;
From East to the West,
From the mountains to the rivers;
We need our fertile minds to do the thinking.
Gone-East, gone-West, gone out of bounds;
From the North to the South without hope,
Day break Africa with hunger!
More deaths cases are reported on malaria than aids,
But our best works are not even well known to the world;
Since, they rather cloth us with aids! ! !

From O.A.U. to A.U.,
From poverty to aids;
How long can we hoist a flag for our emancipation? !
Day break Africa with words,
Day break Africa with hope,
Day break Africa with Hunger,
Day break Africa with dreams;
Oh, how long can we hoist a flag for our emancipation?
Day break Africa!

Edward Kofi Louis 05 February 2019

Day break Africa! ! Thanks for your commet on my poem. ??? Stay blessed always.

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Prabir Gayen 05 February 2019

Beautiful dear Matter Thanks...

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