Urban Africa Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

Urban Africa

Rating: 4.7

Love potion,
Grow with me;
Urban Africa,
Come with me;
To look into your eyes fro love.
Honey boy,
Honey girl,
Living in a ghost town without hope;
Put it on,
The look in your eyes;
I don't want to be alone.

Searching into the woods,
Love of the common people;
Searching into the forest,
Like the voice of the people;
Searching into the hills,
I don't want to be left outside;
Take it easy to come into my home.

Put it off,
Don't give up!
Like a visit to the Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston.
Go to school,
Learn to rule;
But, don't be a footstool.
Love potion,
Just one drop;
Of the Ghettos in the country side.
Just one act,
Uptown youths;
Just one love,
Living in a village called Mandella.

The dance of the people,
The tribe of the people,
The language of the people,
Of the old school and the new school;
Like the Banana Republic with love.
The love potion,
Living in a village called Mandella;
Yet still, they do have hope for tommorow.

Edward Kofi Louis 12 April 2018

Just one act! ! Just one Love! Facing the muse of life. Thanks for your comment on my poem. Stay blessed always.

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Khairul Ahsan 26 June 2016

Urbanization is a bliss or a curse?

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Akhtar Jawad 13 May 2016

Loved this beautiful poem.....................................

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Soulful Heart 20 February 2016

the urban loneliness is the greatest paradoxes of todays living............desperate for love yet unable to reach out, as if lost in a forest of corporates, concrete and machines. nice poem but hope lives on and takes us ahead to a new day.......superb poem.

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