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Oh, dear love in nights of old
Your sweet sour sting over my lips
Deep in the Old City's bar, cold
Shivers my decayed spine with your tips

For she walks in starlight
Amongst the vacant Cosmos lie
Deep in the caverns of night
Where rays of hope fade


It was a night of heavy rain
In a cheap hotel room in downtown Spain

Deep in the forest of memories
Beneath a black cold stone
A rose, planted by Hades
Stranger, to others... unknown.

Silence I hear in this night
Different from what I'm used to
A cold chill and a dim light
Dawn came with hope and dew.

October rust,
Dark clouds gathering over the mind
October dust,
Shivering wind aching the spine.

Gather thee and gather me
Gather the mages to kill the night
Summon the witches, summon the three
Light the candles of black light.

By the approach of winter,
Fog covering thy shores,
Though heavy but tender,
Ghost ships with bloody oars.

Dark Embrace in winter's grace,
Burdened with warmth in thy
Arms holding me tight under space
Sky, stars surrounding a glittering eye.

Under thy light in the midst of doom
Hell on this earth brought by thy race
Over itself through the same womb
Turned love to a shameful disgrace.

Drums, Drums, from distance far
From the west near the Old Fort
Out of the old wall's ancient scar
Calling those near the port.

She came out of the darkness
With a magic unknown to us all
When all became faithless
On my knees, for her I fall.

Seven moons since the apocalypse
I lost too much for Death's favor
Sevens moons since I touched her lips
For the last time near the wicked shore.

Dark sky covered in grey clouds
The tides turned red like hot black coals
More screams rising loud
Shadows moving collecting souls.

After last night's annihilation of the land
Those who escaped beneath the ashes hide
Under a silver moon, on black sand
I took refuge on a misty hillside.

I, we who still dwell in the past
In a late era we were born
Resurrected from lands, vast
From chivalry we were torn.

A river-run of tears and blood
So dark that clouds bleed of hell
Red is the color of thy flood
And the engravings in my cell.

Come pass by us στην Καλλιθέα
Η μπύρα τους είναι ωραία
For 'Their beer is good', we loudly shout
For a tale of winter we're here about.

Deep beneath the shadows of Nyx
Shines Asteria, souls of Styx
Glittering around a marble tower
A flaming, burning flower.

Gentle he went into that night
Beneath the raging red light
Beneath the dimmed red sky
White a hair and awaiting to die.

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- A Rock n' Roll/Blues guitarist and bassist. - English Literature and Greek Classicist. - Poet, novelist and thinker. - History addict. - Stoic Philosopher.)

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My Beloved Stella

Oh, dear love in nights of old
Your sweet sour sting over my lips
Deep in the Old City's bar, cold
Shivers my decayed spine with your tips
With emerald green, you gaze and stun
Death far in the horizon.

Golden streams erupts with love
Yet white as a spring's dove
For every occasion; a perfect lover
With your perfect kiss; a blusher.

Oh, my beloved Stella
Per sempre, la mia bella.

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