AHO Speaks

Rookie (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

AHO Speaks Poems

1. Love For My Son's 10/24/2005
2. Every Child 11/15/2005
3. God-Ours 10/30/2005
4. Inner Harbor Docks 10/16/2005
5. Sights And Sounds 10/16/2005
6. Mother Nature's Fall Dress 10/28/2005
7. Few Words 11/7/2005
8. Events 11/10/2005
9. Nature 10/28/2005
10. God We Know 12/12/2005
11. Change 12/12/2005
12. Blank 10/13/2005
13. Our Earthly Mother's 10/4/2005
14. Beyond 10/4/2005
15. God, Universal, Holy, Living, Loving, Fair, Creator, One 10/12/2005
16. Wishing Well 10/28/2005
17. A Departed Child 11/25/2005
18. Genesis Revisited 2/1/2006
19. Humanity 4/26/2006
20. The Beginning Of The Third Day 4/26/2006
21. The Shore Line 4/30/2006
22. The City Fair 4/30/2006
23. Rudy's New Year 6/9/2006
24. Expression 10/2/2006
25. Window Pane 10/4/2006
26. Love Thy Neighbor 10/4/2006
27. Another Fact 9/25/2006
28. Seeds 10/29/2006
29. A Rationale God 10/30/2006
30. Choice 10/30/2006
31. Children's Future 10/30/2006
32. The Male Mind 10/30/2006
33. Innocents Suicide 11/7/2006
34. Tribal Women 11/7/2006
35. My Flock 10/3/2005
36. The Children's Burden 10/3/2005
37. Female Gender Mind 10/3/2005
38. America's Black 10/3/2005
39. Children Of Miraculous Color 10/3/2005
40. Difference 10/3/2005

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  • Judy Hurley (11/7/2008 4:22:00 PM)

    AHO/Another Hurley Original/Charles A. Hurley is my late husband and passed away on August 24,2008 in Charles County, Maryland. He was born December 19,1931 in Boston, Mass. I have just recently started reading his poetry on this site and did not realize he had so much talent. He wrote constantly and without stress or strain. He was very concerned for all people and especially children, mothers and women. Until the end he was very creative and courageous. He could bring alive the web of a small spider and the faintest color in the sunset. love, your baby

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Best Poem of AHO Speaks

The Living Tree

As the tree continues to live and grow
So it is with us a subject we should know.

Just as the leaves die and fall yet they do renew
So it is with us by a promise which is true.

Just as the tap root is the life line of the tree
So it is with us by the soul which came from Thee.

When our time comes to shed the external
Let us return to that which is the eternal.

Just as the tree will return to the sod
So it is with us except with God.

Let our growth be tall, strong and true
That our life's colors be pleasing to you.

When our time ...

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Disparity Of The Mind

Disparity Of The Mind

Every human blest to have life must have its beginning of growth, changes, and then into transformation
We come forth at this time, in a given place; to protect and provide for children, in every nation
The future of this planet and all its inhabitants will come out of the minds of our human relations.

Our future lives with us every day, to spend earthly time to learn, participate, and also to have fun
The gift of mind and its contents, used for rationale thoughts

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