Airda Jones Poems

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28 Lines Go A Long Way

I'm on a wire
Up a thousand feet high
And it only takes one step
For it all to decide

Dream, Dream, Dream

I lay here wondering
Seems like all I do
That's all that's possible
Since I am without you

Words Are Never Enough

I always had my arms out
Wondering just when
You would give up and give in
And just fall into them

A Rope In The Night

Hold on to the rope tight
It just might break
And with that devilish grin
I cannot be saved

Autumn's Fall

Leaf, will you flutter down
And consume the growth of brown
Taunt the bird with your flutter
And condemn him to the gutter

Bring Me To Life

You bring me to life
When you breathe the sun
Bringing the light
That I have shunned

Little Broken Butterfly

Little broken butterfly
You can easily fix those wings
All those tears and scars
Can be healed with cloth and strings

Being Me With You

Being here
Is just enough
But sometimes
Its just as tough

Are You Lonsome Tonight?

How could I forget
That night we spent
Especially when you suddenly
Just up and left

Where Did This Come From?

We never follow the trends
We shouldn't start now
But now the difference
Is getting to me somehow

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