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I'm on a wire
Up a thousand feet high
And it only takes one step
For it all to decide

I lay here wondering
Seems like all I do
That's all that's possible
Since I am without you

I always had my arms out
Wondering just when
You would give up and give in
And just fall into them

Hold on to the rope tight
It just might break
And with that devilish grin
I cannot be saved

Leaf, will you flutter down
And consume the growth of brown
Taunt the bird with your flutter
And condemn him to the gutter

You bring me to life
When you breathe the sun
Bringing the light
That I have shunned

Little broken butterfly
You can easily fix those wings
All those tears and scars
Can be healed with cloth and strings

Being here
Is just enough
But sometimes
Its just as tough

How could I forget
That night we spent
Especially when you suddenly
Just up and left

We never follow the trends
We shouldn't start now
But now the difference
Is getting to me somehow


What was once one piece
No longer can be
Now that times have changed
And is no longer free

Butterfly, you flew away
And at first I didn't know
How each hard day was
Straining on you so

Secrets, secrets
They're creeping up
Secrets, secrets
They're adding up

I am frightened
And hard to admit
That I am scared
That will be all of it


I'm hoping for a ring
I'm hoping for a dream
I'm hoping for everything
Or so it would seem

Believe that roses will bloom
Around its crusted, frosty bloom
Believe that wings will onward fly
Even if flames should fray its ties

I tried and I tried
But I can't say I can
I never could truly
So that is why I ran

All eyes on us
We stood out in the crowd
Before we blended in
Now we stand by each other's side proud

The strikes are against me
More than you could count
But I don't think it's fair
To just single me out

You'd be breaking my bones
If I really had any
As weird as it sounds
I'm just not sorry

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I'm just a girl that whenever she feels sad and alone, happy beyond all reason with the world and life itself, boiling mad with frustration and anger, or just when words get the best of me, I write it all out. Thanks to someone special I know who introduced me into the wonder of poetry, I now have notebooks full of all my writings. But when I'm not in the mood to write, I usually have a book in my hand (mostly romance novels or a good historical text: -) or I'm spending time with my family watching a movie or playing a game. My sister is my best friend and we are always around each other to go shopping and any other adventure we can get ourselves into. We fight just like other siblings but we still are the greatest of friends. I have someone who is very special to me and is actually my original inspiration for most of my ideas in my poetry. Life is simple for me and when it gets too complicated, I write...)

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28 Lines Go A Long Way

I'm on a wire
Up a thousand feet high
And it only takes one step
For it all to decide
Sky or ground
Lost or found
I have to get back to the inside

Left to drag
My feet step by step
And I'm not daring
So I haven't lept
The line in front
Is it what I want
I have thought so long and wept

On the other side exposed
Feeling frozen emotions
All eyes on me
Like a sudden devotion
To my strange
Can't it change
I call for a motion

Done with the hate
And the decision for
Brush it off just
Like I have before
Cry if I must
Steel the trust
And decide to live for more.

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Airda Jones Popularity

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