Words Are Never Enough Poem by Airda Jones

Words Are Never Enough

Rating: 5.0

I always had my arms out
Wondering just when
You would give up and give in
And just fall into them

But it seems like
That was just not enough
To get you to show me
Just a little bit of love

Now that I'm leaving
And I'm turning my back
I just want you to know
You're gonna miss all that

Every night I stayed up
Waiting to know you were okay
And reminding you that I
Loved you every single day

My eyes were only
Staring at you
And I would have fell to my knees
If you would have asked me to

But now I got to go
And you think you're glad
But soon you will realize
You're gonna miss all that

I beg and pleaded
Hoping you would change so
We could both be happy
Then neither of us would have to go

My words have not
Touched you deep
So obviously, you cannot
Be the one for me

Sometime later when
You do look back
You're going to feel
How much you miss that

There is no way
You can relive the past
So you'll have to live
With how much you regret that.

Kesav Easwaran 14 July 2009

'There is no way You can relive the past So you'll have to live With how much you regret that'... Life teaches its lessons this way only Airda...especially when the sujbect selected is Love...good work...10

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Frank Cannon 10 April 2008

Proving the old adage that 'action speaks louder than words'. The clarity of your words ring clear and true challenging for equal space in the cacophony of other voices.

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Idy H 07 April 2008

I know exactly what you're talking about here. I just went through that and I think it's great you can write such a strong poem to clearly express this feeling. Thanks.

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