Aisha Masha Poems

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When Girls Meet......

When girls meet......
We laugh and plan to laugh again
We review our laughter since last meeting
We laugh at those who planned to harm us

There Is Love In This House!

The house, I said to myself, for I felt it
Though I saw no writing and heard no whisper;
But the husband was walking confidently with a swag,
And the good wife was singing softly out of tune;

Money Makes Me Strange!

Money makes me strange!
I take my bank card
I go spending
I do mall shopping

I Am Happy Today!

I am happy today!
I started by doing the difficult tasks first
I refused the temptation of doing the easy tasks
Now I have peace of mind

Mama I Am Confused About Babies!

Mama! Where do children come from?
Mama you said I came from your stomach
Mama it is my fifth birthday and I want to know
Daddy told me that in the mall you buy baby

Wicked Abigael Is Wicked Style

You are just a wicked failed jilted liar!
You failed to get the best poet in Kenya into your box.
He tested and found you to be worth less than toilet paper.
You are trying to bully every woman to support your misplaced anger! You blackmail readers to support you to get back a man who dumped you.

Lovely Pre-Destination It Is!

It was not wrong to make the best of our time
Was it not a waste of time just passing time at home?
We walked to a place we met, not our home
Enough! We went out on the same route on time

Propose To Her Right Away, Twice!

Man, you should have thought about it!
You need not think twice, and again twice
Your brother is round the corner not thinking twice
Your girl wants the time to think twice

Father, I Kissed A Girl!

Father, I kissed a girl!
I noticed she always looked when I pass
I noticed the smile when I pass
I noticed the red lips as I pass

Where Is Wisdom?

Where is wisdom?
It is said that you should use your knowledge
But if you do not use what you already know as knowledge
You deny self-evident wisdom!

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