Money Makes Me Strange! Poem by Aisha Masha

Money Makes Me Strange!

Rating: 4.0

Money makes me strange!
I take my bank card
I go spending
I do mall shopping
I do fine dinning
I go out day and night time
I forget my accounts
I even forget God
I smile…
It is days after payday!

Money makes me strange!
I keep my bank card
I go borrowing
I do kiosk shopping
I do home cooking
I go out only day time
I remember my accounts
I even remember God
I frown…
It is days to payday!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: money,spending
Juliki Katana 06 January 2017

We all change our behavior when we are so poor or so rich! Thanks for telling us the obvious in your poem.

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Faith Maina 06 January 2017

We do not budget, we do not spend according to priorities then we rightly suffer as the poet indicates poetically!

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Rose Kanana 05 January 2017

We All behave like Santa mmmm but count coins when the month seem heavier than the January token

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Magar Bugwe 05 January 2017

Haha ha! Now I know that I am not strange is my strange behavior. Good poem.

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Prem Katoch 04 January 2017

It is vivid...intention and yet one ignores. Good

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