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Lovely Pre-Destination It Is!

Rating: 5.0

It was not wrong to make the best of our time
Was it not a waste of time just passing time at home?
We walked to a place we met, not our home
Enough! We went out on the same route on time
Was it not a pre-destined route time?
Lovely pre-destination it is!

It was not wrong deserting our homes as not admirable
Was meeting in the streets not admirable?
We looked at each other in a way admirable

Enough! We went on to say the admirable
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Friday, December 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: fate,future,love,premonition
Faith Maina 06 January 2017

At times it is just good to go by the feelings that God put in your heat. God's plan is always good. Good poem.

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Rose Kanana 16 December 2016

I like the flow and choice of diction in this poem, it takes time to notice premonitions but when God is in control the rest is history. A 10 from me for this. Keep up gal.

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Juliki Katana 16 December 2016

I like this poem that invites lovers to just flow in God's good plans.

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