Al Mahmud Poems

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In The Valley Of Dreams

Once we went on a journey
through a dense opaque fog.
Suddenly our path became illuminated
by the flash of light in horizon.

By Your Hand

I wish I ate the ancient koi of Kurulia
fried especially by your own hand.
I wish sitting like a crow in the veranda of Munsi House
I enjoyed your scrubbing.

In This Fascination

Wandering over the whole world,
I come back for you
to knock at your door . For you
I defeat the maddened sword of poverty.

Partition Of Heritage

Why don't forget if you can?
Forget our walking nights accompanied by the Moon.
Forget the dewy grasses in the Niaz field.

Comes More Not

Keeping the stone of Paharpur on the left ,
crossing the canal if anyone approaches the moat,
never he comes back --- you knew it well,
nevertheless why did you allow him
to enter the heart of the hut?

Poetry Such As

Poetry is nothing but the memory of adolescence;
The melancholic face of my mother often remembered by me;
Poetry, the yellow bird sitting alone on a bough of Nim tree;

The Shame Of Return

To catch the last train I reached the station running.
I noticed the signal of blue light on.
The train, like Despair, suddenly left the station
playing on its cruel whistle.

Heart-Penetrating Sight

Last night Death drove its hand into my room.
Through the gap of window
that long hand, like the feeling-power of a blind man,
advanced a bit towards my bed.

Bent On The Ground

It's not mere turning off
but keeping the genius of eyes closed
from the attack of sight bent on the ground.
Eyes touch severely the edge of deadly blood.

The Foam Of Wind

Nothing lasts, behold.
Behold how the leaves, the flowers, the old
the pose of rivers' dancing, the brazen pitchers and
the fire of hookah

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