In The Valley Of Dreams Poem by Al Mahmud

In The Valley Of Dreams

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Once we went on a journey
through a dense opaque fog.
Suddenly our path became illuminated
by the flash of light in horizon.
The smell of paddy floated in wind.
Forests got sonorous with the songs of birds.
Our hearts started floating
being altogether a wonderful picture of Nature.

River! River!

The clean flow of water, which our offspring showed us
raising their fingers with joy, is our soul.
It's the stream
which design our women weave their saris in.
It's the turn which inspires our sisters
to envelope their bodies with tortuous lines.
Behold the flow of holy water
whose sweet murmur immerse us in songs.
Lo and behold!

It's the picture of the valley where we will go .
It has utterly devoured our hearts.
Wind of fairy tale is blowing on our flag ;
Future frequently oscillating our hope
like a golden pendulum.
Overflowed with joy, we have set out towards our dreams.
Sorrow never fatigues us.
On a stormy night we have turned our face
towards a bright day.
Troubles have not paralysed us.
We will go out
escaping the riddle of shout, cry and despair.
May Death touch not us.

We will sow the grain seeds in the valley of dreams.
The water of silver river will flow on the left .
The sharp husky mountain will remain on the right.

[Translated by Sayeed Abubakar]

MAHTAB BANGALEE 26 January 2021

Bangladesh is a country of rivers where every people live on the bank of Bay of Bengle, like the water everyone is naive and innocent there. Poet greatly depicted our motherland in poetic words, Thanks to Poet Sayeed Abubakar for his translation

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A B Faniki 29 July 2019

Brilliant and elegant. I could almost picture the image created and the resillience of pple.

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Hans Vr 20 March 2012

Beuatiful poem with great images Well written

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Al Mahmud

Al Mahmud

Brahmanbaria / Bangladesh
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