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On this cold and lonely night,
with the moon shining bright,
I lie awake, your picture clutched tight.
The memories cannot be denied,

He is not perfect,
I am not either,
but we connect,
he is a keeper.

My god you call us to be faithful
and while we are not always successful,
me not always with fervor,
do not turn a deaf ear to my prayer.

I should be leaving tonight,
but I am still sitting here feeling uptight.
That is when I hear your music play,
your hands, they stroke the keys just right.


Today I watched
as daylight faded to night.
A fierce wind began to blow
the trees wavered in its might.

I lay in bed on this quiet night
and know I will leave before it is light
I kiss you goodbye
and pray you do not hear me cry

On this dreadful stormy night,
beneath a moon hanging low.
The wind whispers through the pines,
causing shivers down your spine.

Mommy, Mommy
please don't cry.
Here I am
by your side.

To the church on time I made it,
though down the aisles I almost fainted.
With tears of joy we stood at the altered,
our wedding vows we did not falter.

Today a butterfly
fluttered through the sky.

Swooping, drawing near,


In winter's mist, the magic swirled,
as darkness descended on the earth,
reflected in water, a Dragon's birth.

For my little boy,
who brings me so much pride and joy.

He captured my heart,

In this garden
the roses have all withered
the sparrows no longer twitter
the day is dark and bitter

I was but a little lost sheep,
who laid down by the river to sleep.
My Shepherd walked across the water,
to rescue me for keeps.

When you were born God blew you a kiss,
a Guardian Angel appeared heaven-sent.
There to bring you rest, there to bring you bliss,
there to guide you through all life's events.

Silently she stands upon the shore,
her heart broken at the very core.

Watching the storm rage over the sea,

Bravery is saying what you believe,
not seeking to deceive.

Bravery is getting past your fear,

Winter is like a blanket,
covering up the planet.

Spring is like a flower,

Alesia Leach Biography

Alesia is an American Poet. Born in Dallas, Texas, the daughter of a truck driver. Her mother Rachel worked in an insurance firm. Alesia grew up in Mesquite, Texas and graduated from Mesquite High. Alesia moved to California in her late twenties, where she met her husband. She currently resides in Wisconsin and is the mother of one son. Alesia's poetry is about life experiences, family, love, stories she tells her son and other curious topics.)

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Time To Say Goodbye

On this cold and lonely night,
with the moon shining bright,
I lie awake, your picture clutched tight.
The memories cannot be denied,
haunting the caverns of my mind,
like a thief in the night.
How do I say goodbye?
Filled with sadness I cry,
blaming myself for all the pain.
The tears I shed, they fall like rain,
loneliness and sorrow are all that remain.

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