In This Garden Poem by Alesia Leach

In This Garden

In this garden
the roses have all withered
the sparrows no longer twitter
the day is dark and bitter

In this garden
a rusty gate swings in the wind
a faded pinwheel gently spins
a sad little girl swings within

In this garden
the trees are brown and rotten
the youthful dreams are forgotten
the little tears fall often

In this garden
the land lays in dark repose
the stream no longer flows
the little eyes bare pain untold

In this garden
once there was beauty here
once laughter flowed sweet and clear
once there was vigilance near

In This Garden
Friday, May 22, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: dark,pain,abuse
Form is Rhyme
Grace Burke 22 May 2015

a very moving poem on loss

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Kelly Kurt 22 May 2015

The garden that is the mind and memory can wither with sorrow, but planting new seeds of hope, life, love and joy can bring it back to its splendor. Wonderful poem, Alesia. Thanks for sharing it. Peace

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Jessica Nichols 21 July 2018

Hi Alesia.. this is a compelling write that held my attention beginning to end.

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Trinity Baldwin 21 July 2018

Wonderfully-phrased, attentively-written, full of beauty and dark emotion... I adored this from the first read and kept replaying it in my mind! You are a very talented writer, and this is superb work!

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Valsa George 23 May 2015

The drastic change of the once beautiful garden of life where streams flowed causing ripples and music, where people used to frequent to enjoy the beauty....... to the weed grown withering garden whose entrance is guarded by a rusted gate and where the drying plants are watered by human tears, is beautifully brought out! Enjoyed the poem!

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 23 May 2015

U captured the imagery in soulful scenes so the poetic aspect in literary devices is awesome here. A great freeverse where evryting joins in doleful mood. Kudos. Did i read u before? Hey and thanx for yor great very true to life coment on my poem.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 22 May 2015

Great imaginary. We should back to the past. A captivating poem I like most. Many thanks for sharing.......10

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