Alexandro Johns Poems

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Soneto En El Desierto

Caminé en un desierto para olvidar sus pasos
Bajo un sol que hizo arder hasta mi sombra
Me hablaron las arenas como a todos los locos
Que han dejado de amar y a los que nadie nombra.

Sonnet To Heartbreak

Her face is a dying star in the distance.
She blinks when I feel her again
As the alcohol of a lost feast that still sounds
Inside the dream where she lives.

Royal Safary

The king shot elephants,
he shamed forever his grandchildren
and now like an old pachyderm
he limps close to the Stygian lagoon.

Two Dead Children From Syria

They are floating on the beach
such as dead anemones,
the two Syrian children
returned to the silence.

Candado Bajo La Lluvia

Como los enamorados
de hoy
que dejan candados
en los puentes,

Terrorism Of War

It is a dark river flowing to the sea
that becomes part of the history again:
The walls of the fortress
are without lookouts nor loyal soldiers.

Forgiveness To God

We must forgive God
for the pain in the world,
we know the enigma in beauty
but we are tired of killing by its name

Fábulas Del Lobo

Así como las ranas suplicaban a Zeus un rey,
dos lobos que aúllan bajo la luna
piden el soplo terminal de los átomos
que pueden arrasar toda la tierra.

Poetic Dizziness

The wheat
after the cut of bread,
the beheaded singing of birds
inside the cage of my blood,

Abstraction Of Our Lives

The man I am, nobody can see.
A forest of faces chases me
to make up the tale of my life.
I've always lived