Is Calcutta Burning? Poem by Aloke Mukherjee

Is Calcutta Burning?

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Is Calcutta burning? The dusts and carbons churning in the
Wind? Is spring coming? It is mid march, Shana! Krishnachura
still casting shadow in the college square, a lovers' arbor for awhile

The tree blossoms ablaze into a fire. Fire is my bro, my dearest schatzi

The red, crimson, blue- hues are many; my soul likes to be singed,

Die with warmth of knowing I am alive, alive for a day or two, till

The rain quenches my thirst, till the consciousness drip, drip, drip...

Schatzi, is the earth dying? Dying with ruthless lack of warmth,

Cities, towns, metropolises, I caught a whiff of putrid souls-

No harm killing already dead, a city of zombies, of walking shadows.

Far below this crust of illusion, a molten fire rumbling and growling to its

Day, fissure to open up, an eye opener too late or a drift of icy death from

The north, who knows in spite of the dream in our blood, we have ceased

To dream to paint a beauty of our ageless soul, this earth, this construct of

Dream. Lo, the winds caressing this beauty of dusk dressed into a bride of glow

Tanya Gupta 13 May 2014

great poem loved it

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Shraddha The Poetess 27 February 2014

a vryyyyyy nice poem with great expressions..................... i also invite u to read mine specially hindi one..........

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