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Love of first sight,
Is it love
Or an attraction blind?
Eyes exclaim or Claim

Let me see
costly those clouds:
Unavailable here
Up on the grounds.

Dewd-delicacy smoothens petals;
Breezing soft cools ponds; Yellow, yellow, sweet and slow;
Rays infant wobble to glow. Loved lips now lay at rest:
Lovely lips so at best!


Alas! How would I describe me?
Not a flash or lightening
or part of any solar system..
I am the sky. Not a wavy tide or ebb or any fierce fish, I am the sea.

It reminds me of the dam,
Where the Happy galloping waters clash;
In an ignorant effort to follow the impulse,
Surging within the heat of raining spring.

ફોનમાં નઈ તું ફેસ પર કે'ને
હું તને ગમુ છું, હે ને?
જો આંખોને તું અનહદ ગમે તો આંખોથી કે'ને
હું તને ગમુ છું, હે ને?

દિલમાં ફૂટે ફટાકડો
સળગાવે જો તું લવિંગ્યું
જોઈ તારી આંખોની ફૂળજળી
મન થઈ જાય ચકરડી ભમરડી

ખબર નઈ, તને ગુમાન શેનું છે;
ફટ દઈને તુંમારા ગાલ પર તારો હાથ છાપી દે છે;
ઘરમાં, ગલીમાં, જાહેર સભામાંઉતારી પાડે છે.
તારી જીવદયાની વ્યાખ્યામાં હું ઢોર પણ નથી?

I feel that a lot: my country-my land will become again; a slave by my hand.
On this you will 'a traitor' me call; or banish me from the country and all.
Yet true is that: no honour i got, nor have any respect for the mother my own;
If had i any, it would never be: my caste and religion; my state and Region; my party and politics; my poverty and riches; my kindreds and Cronies; my departmens and faculties

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Love Of First Sight

Love of first sight,
Is it love
Or an attraction blind?
Eyes exclaim or Claim
Oh we like.'
Heart, the cripple
Approves' then alright.'
Brain won't opine mere;
For it is the judge, a fool here.


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king of blossom!

These days are different!

The Waiting eyes were wonderful!

Even today Mourning shows go bumper over the small screens of my eyes of her her betrayal.

Oh! beauties be seen while the eyes are young...

I am the sun for rose to bloom; you'r the night for the moon to shine.

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