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How much is giving up?
How much do I have to take?

All the doors are closing shut,

If emotion was a colour,
It would be dark
Just like the mid-night sky
With birds that soar

Silence is a knife with double edges
Sound is a blade with sharp handles

Socialization is bar, with no end in sight

I had a friend
Who liked to spend
Their time without a mask
And I told them that

What a beautiful word.

From a looming tower

I have someone I really adore
And this is something I absolutely cannot ignore

Though not someone from up above

I had everything I loved
And everything I needed

So I took my gun

Death is a mystery,
A never ending story.
When will we live?
When will we die?

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How Much Is Giving Up?

How much is giving up?
How much do I have to take?

All the doors are closing shut,
Only one is left unlocked.

How much is too little?
How little is too much?

Do I need to fail?
Do I need to cry?
Do I need to take the pain?
Do I even need to try?

Do I need to embrace the burns and the wounds,
The scars broken bones leave behind?

Do I need to accept my loss,
Leaving blood as proof of my defeat?

Are their spiteful words, all made to hurt, the pinnacle if my pain?
Or shall I endure the expected burns,
All that come with my name?

How much more do I need to try?
Do I need to take the blame?
When am I allowed to fail?
Will I never ever win?

Up the stairs,
climb the ladders
Past the floors below,
I've ascended all the levels beneath me
And I'm finally at the top.

The rooftops are windy,
sharp and cold.
It's high up,16 floors-
A lucky number for me
The number of death, is just too low
4 is not just enough

I love the feeling of wind in my hair,
And nothing beneath my feet

This is the only door for me
The only path I can take

I know here I will be set free,
No more pain
No lies
No delusions
No more suffering
No more anything

It's now that I can finally be free,
I'll fly and fall through the air.

Now, all I need, is for you
just to let me go.
(Please, just let me fall)

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