alysha renee'

Rookie (july 9,1994 / tx)

alysha renee' Poems

1. If Only, If Only 8/11/2007
2. I Wonder 8/17/2007
3. I Feel Like Im High 6/6/2008
4. Only You 6/6/2008
5. Two Sides To Every Story 6/7/2008
6. I Love Both 6/7/2008
7. Suicide Known Only To One 6/7/2008
8. Help Me 6/30/2008
9. Reminiscence 9/3/2008
10. The Insanity Begins 10/2/2008
11. I Want 1/7/2009
12. What Happened? 1/7/2009
13. Life 1/7/2009
14. Blind Man 1/10/2009
15. Chapter Of My Past 1/19/2009
16. She Is Me 1/20/2009
17. ? 1/20/2009
18. A Lover's Kiss 1/28/2009
19. Night On The Town 1/28/2009
20. A Boy 1/28/2009
21. Broken Promises 3/12/2009
22. Doubtful Faith 3/12/2009
23. Remainder 3/25/2009
24. Calm Before The Storm 3/25/2009
25. The Storm Brews 3/28/2009
26. A Dream Of You 3/30/2009
27. Anger Strikes 3/31/2009
28. Corrected Mistakes 3/31/2009
29. A Heart Not Whole 4/3/2009
30. If Only You Knew 4/17/2009
31. Where We Stand 11/9/2009
32. My Heart's In Your Hands 2/13/2010
33. Once Were Friends, Almost Lovers 8/9/2007
34. Another 8/9/2007
35. Ease 2/19/2009
36. Anonymous 2/19/2009
37. Withdrawal 2/23/2009
38. I Wish 2/23/2009
39. Desire 2/4/2009
40. Inaguration 2/4/2009
Best Poem of alysha renee'

**i Am**

i am a bull's rage
hazy and red
an angel's tear, left on a death bed

i am the sky
so filled with mixed emotions;
my hail and rain pelting down,
on those who get in my way

i am odysseus, i swear
facing more trials and snares
than the average hero; knowing as if in prophecy,
in the end, that i'll be alone

i am a dying victim's last breath;
struggling to make it through cold pursed lips
struggling to break free from confinement

i am a river racing; wanting to play with the rapids
hoping not to get lost out at sea
an young girl ...

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Two Sides To Every Story

I'm so in love
So in love wit you, maybe it's just the things you do
I don't know, I don't even care, as long as this feeling stays here
For once in life i can say that I'm truly happy
Everything going just right, then you popped into my life
You've showed me there are two side to every story: two feelings connected to every emotion
that there's passion even in hate and anger
That even in the darkest of times, your love will be within me
In pain that I'll always be able to find pleasure

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