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**i Am**

i am a bull's rage
hazy and red
an angel's tear, left on a death bed

i am the sky
so filled with mixed emotions;
my hail and rain pelting down,
on those who get in my way

i am odysseus, i swear
facing more trials and snares
than the average hero; knowing as if in prophecy,
in the end, that i'll be alone

i am a dying victim's last breath;
struggling to make it through cold pursed lips
struggling to break free from confinement

i am a river racing; wanting to play with the rapids
hoping not to get lost out at sea
an young girl ...

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Only You

I miss your touch, your taste, your smell
The feelings that your arouse in me are wild...making me go crazy
Like a caged beast trying to get out from its enclosure
and now with all these feelings starting to arise, struggling to break free from the inner depths of my soul
I can finally say, that I l know why the caged bird sings
No one, in this lifetime has been able to evoke such feelings
And i feel that, even in other lifetimes that you somehow ascended form the darkness, reserrecting li