amber roser Poems

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The Oracle Spilt Its Parables

The oracle spilt its parables.
Flung from lips of lucidity,
fragments fell into the aether
and merged with fleeting images

There And Back

where's my sunshine gone to?
where's my ray of hope?
where's the help i need now
as i dangle on this rope?

The Fisherman

How could they not?
It is just an inescapable given
that they would find you irresistible.
One after the other, or several at a time

A Loving Family

My back aches
from all the congratulatory pats.
Bestowed by those who wouldn't have
acknowledged me in the street before,

A Writing Exercise At 3am

DEATH is....

* to some a torment, spent in hells eternal night
to some a relief, the weary soul taking flight

The Wave

A wave came forth from the ocean
and broke upon the shore,
here on desolation's beach
I remember you once more


She comes to me at night
when I lie in bed,
and though I try I can't ignore,
the voice inside my head.

A Woodland

In the mournful gloom
crackling death knells of forest debris,
sound a thunderous symphony
as vegetation, castoff and prostrate,

You Know Who You Are

without consideration
for all of the duration
all was taken with expectation
no remorse or realization

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