The Oracle Spilt Its Parables Poem by amber roser

The Oracle Spilt Its Parables

Rating: 5.0

The oracle spilt its parables.
Flung from lips of lucidity,
fragments fell into the aether
and merged with fleeting images
of unformed realities:
Translucent, intangible and undefined.

Abstract seeds of perception teeter
on the cusp of eternity and an instant.
A convergence at the margins
of an unquiet mind,
where the gravity of infinite possibility
exerts its tidal pull.

Borne on the ebb and flow
of unrealized potential,
a genesis of comprehension
severs the subordinate consciousness
from the self imposed shackles
of its covenant with ignorance.

For one ordained moment
with unencumbered eyes,
it knows itself as the receding horizon
of a universe without measure;
and implodes with a glimpse
of absolved oblivion - home.

Friday, October 16, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: knowledge
Eric Cockrell 15 April 2012

stunning poem... enlightenment comes like a gust of wind.... only the few take the time to feel!

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Steven S 16 October 2009

I am adding this as one of my faves.... fantastic.

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Stephen Stirk 16 October 2009

Very deep piece Amber, and very cleverly and insightfully written. It compels you to understand and is thought provoking. Thanks for sharing Steve

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Dragon Wizard 16 October 2009

...and so the Prophet´s thoughts lingered between nothingness and eternity, a macrocosmos of duty, fulfillment and traces of the hermit within, who relentlessly punished the good deeds and gratified the unspoken sins of the common man, thus obscuring the sui generis and heartfelt message of the oracle... A well deserved 10, Amber. Extraordinary philosophical poem... Warm Regards, Dragon Wizard

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