There And Back Poem by amber roser

There And Back

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where's my sunshine gone to?
where's my ray of hope?
where's the help i need now
as i dangle on this rope?
where are the angels kisses?
have they faded all away?
who has heard my laughter
that vanished with today?
who is always with me
now that its not you?
you said that you would be here
guess you lied about that too.
you said that time would change this
and i'd live in light again
but all i see is darkness
though now i feel no pain.

Friday, January 23, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: suicide
Edward Kofi Louis 24 March 2016

Where is my sunshine gone to? Thanks for sharing.

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Dave Walker 24 September 2011

Really like this. True emotion. Good poem.

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Elena Sandu 28 June 2011

Well written I can feel raw pain, please don't rely on someone to bring you light, your own heart is a glowing globe, open it and look around, watch the sky and you'll find your smiles again. Thank you for share,10

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Dragon Wizard 15 October 2009

I submerged in between lines, I loved what I saw... Read ' A slice of a life´s instant' I dedicated it to you, in response to this poem... Warm Regards, Dragon Wizard

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Ian Bowen 23 January 2009

Amber, enjoyabe piece. Ian

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