The Fisherman Poem by amber roser

The Fisherman

Rating: 5.0

How could they not?
It is just an inescapable given
that they would find you irresistible.
One after the other, or several at a time
they would come to try and claim you
none knowing at the start that it was all futility.

The half hearted grew bored with their frustration
they never lasted long.
The selfish could never share you
they threw their hands up
and moved on.
The ones i really felt for,
i still feel for them,
were the ones who truly loved you.

Those for whom the thought that they could share
let them persevere
only to find that the hearts they gave to you
would never be exchanged for all of your own.

Still they sought for that elusive prize
that would make all the effort, all the compromise,
every salt laden tear absolved and forgotten.
The hoped for reward
that kept them captive - so captivated.
This sustained them in your absence
in the cold dead nights when you were gone.
In the nights when that little voice would whisper
the truths that could not be borne.

These ones i watched fade away
a little at a time
until the hardiest was no more than an emptied shell
drained of every laugh, every smile,
all light extinguished
but still the hope remained
or rather the hope was all that remained
the reality too horrific to confront -
that all they had given - lost - wrenched from themselves to give to you
was in vain
and she would always come first.

She who could pull you from any arms
any place
any time
and you would run to her,
forever you will run to her.

But i knew and know
so i remain whole.
More than whole
because i know you give me what you will never give anyone else
what no-one else could take.
You give me what is left - what she lets you keep
and would they accept
that they could never have you all
they would find the bliss and peace and safety and sleep
enshrined in the way that you look at me
that fills me and makes me.

And i know it.
But they don't.
So she and i share a secret smile,
a twisted joke that only we can get
Because she is only the sea
and i am the only girl in your heart.
i know and you know.
and you love me, and i love you.
i love you papa x x x

Friday, January 23, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: family
John Mccudden 23 January 2009

well writen peice of work i like the twist at the end well done keep up the good work

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Juniper March 05 October 2009

I loved the surprise ending, it shed a whole new light, making me read and reread. Nice, wonderful specifics and yet vague enough to leave so much to the imagination

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Last hakkaobake 02 October 2009

wow... what to say? the relationship between your dad and you can be shown here but I like how it spins to and fro not telling who your talking about till the end. you work in a way I've never seen before. the eazy way to put it is great. *_* 10

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Greenwolfe 1962 28 January 2009

This is a classic. I normally don't read things this long but I made an exception for you because of what I saw in the first one I read. I was right. You are a true prose writer. I'm glad to meet you. I am Greenwolfe 1962. GW62

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Shannon Price 27 January 2009

I think this one is my all time favourite miss roser. It's brilliant :)

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Dan Taylor 26 January 2009

Your definitely gifted! Keep it up.

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