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just come,
and color my sleeps,
with dreams,
sun rays,

Moon and star,
are closer,
Is ocean,

Just the day,
with an iron will,
the way to conquer the passions,

Rumble of sparkling,
awaking the peace hating,
monster minded,
licking the victory songs,

Keeping with precarious existence,
life moves with,
inertial steps,
to do a little,

My waiting eyes,
chilled in clouds,
wandering above the,
frozen peaks of the mountains.,

Blood is bitter nor sweet,
not even sour,
it seems a taste of death,
blended with ashes and dust,

I drift down,
when i listen utterances,
reverberating in my mind,
these are not melodies,

Watching the events,
from a distance,
having a thin slice of glimpse,
accolade may be,

To stray like unskilled,
and unfortunate,
with futile gestures,
and abortive aims,

I wanted to see you,
In dreams,
and always,
It lingers,

Thirst is never quenched,
by distant vision of the water,
It burns like a desire,
Consumed, and contracted,

Your wrapped but perfidious smiles,
haunting me,
like strikes of ironic fate,
while i am walking through,

The day gone with tranquilities,
The night is to quite chirps of birds,
Longing shadows,
To rule the events,

Strains stretching,
my neurotic spells,
and hate rendering,

When i feel different,
grudges grunt,
over spics of angers,

Glitters of snows lingers in eyes,
like a taste of a promised bliss,
while hangover of conscious,
in the chill of night,

Memories of pain,
still droning on,
to dampen the exuberance,
of my faith in you,

i dream, i promise,
i break up,
i shatter,
like unstable,

We have left this place,
Where we used to talk,
at nights,
and there is now dust,

Rafique Farooqi Biography

I was born in dist Gujranwala Pakistan, i matriculated from govt High School Qilla Didar Singh, FSc from Govt College LAHORE: and MBBS from Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore: in 1984, i am doing my G.P practices, at Lahore, Writting is my Hobby.)

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just come,
and color my sleeps,
with dreams,
sun rays,
and laser beams,
and never shatter,
whatever may be matter.
you are sweet,
like a heartbeat,
and stay with me,
in a dreamy island,
with breezes,
and sunflowers,
for long lasting,
this blue sky,
this blue sea,
is ours,
these clouds,
these rains,
all types of pain,
our success,
any strain,
any good,
or bad weather,
will be taken,

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Freedom is most sacred ambition.

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Rafique Farooqi Popularity

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