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You steal the smile from my lips,
When a single tear dropp comes to your eyes.
You make me want to give up,
The whole world to only make you smile.

There's a rhythm on the roads of Bombay.
A foot-tapping beat as you stroll down the streets.
Bombay lovers know it.

If you feel afraid, take a look around,
See the faces whom you surround.

If you think you're the chosen one,

When the doors shut on you,
When no hand gropes out for you.

When the joys of this world seem to ebb,

I'm growing up and i don't like it.
I fear ill lose my innocent bit.

The world's a place,

Har din Zindagi ke baazar mein,
Naye chehre mil jate hain,
Hum bekhabar rehte aur,
Wo itne paas aa jate hain.

I want to run away,
Far from this hurt and pain,
Far from ridicules and hurtful words,
Far far from the stares and this unbridled world.

Kahin khayalon ke kisi kone me aapki ek jhalak si mil jati hai,
Is aarzoo ko ek dhundhla sa ishara hi kafi hai.
Sach kya aur khwab kya,
Inke fasle aur dooriyan kya.

Aap to lafzon mein dil ki baat ka izhar kar lete hain,
Par maine to is dil ko yeh haq bhi na diya.

Bas akele main kabhi,

Yadon aur khwabon mein, kab tak tak Zindagi bitaenge?
Jab beet jayegi ye, tab kya baithe ansu bahayenge?

Aaj waqt hai.

They tell us what we need to know.
We can work in the store and shove the snow.
We can speak English, French and Latin,
We may learn Hindi and some German.

Do they tell you what you need to know?
Do the tell you life can be a blow?

Do they warn you of the people outside,

You're at the end of the road.
Eveything is bare.
You grope in the darkness,
Blank space stares everywhere.

Dear God I pray to you,
You're listening.Aren't you?

I want to be tall, very tall,

The crusading warriors, the waves
Crash upon the bleak rocks.
Shards fly about in haphazard glory.
The icy breeze and howling wind chill and chide.

Its the sweat and the grime,
The dirt and the swines,
That make me begin to question my existence.

Part I

For a moment this evening, lets stay apart and wonder,
What was it that drew us to choose from the flocks and the crowds?

It's a slow and ponderous process,
The breaking of the human heart.

It doesn't happen in a matter of moments;

Flesh. Blood. Bone.
Raw. Cold. Bare.

Devoid of feeling,

I can live this life without you.
I can walk this road alone.
I don't need you here to hold me.
I don't need your warm comfort.

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To See You Smile

You steal the smile from my lips,
When a single tear dropp comes to your eyes.
You make me want to give up,
The whole world to only make you smile.

Be it by my side,
Or in a corner of the Universe,
I will try, always try,
To give you a reason to smile.

For this pain and these years and these midnight blues,
They'll be gone like the dew.
Hold my hand and you'll know its all true.

There's a world opening, only of joy,
For me, For me,
Every single time you smile.

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