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I guess it's losing all my words
All my thoughts
Crumbled up or neatly written
Lost to someone else


I'm 24 revolutions
Around the sun
A lifetime growing
Under my mum's shelter

Every drop like an icicle
Falling on my nakedness
Stabbing soft skin
I'm left with scars


You're in some kind of prayer
Except you're praying to no God
But a human
Idol, you love him


Please don't touch me
I don't desire for you to die young
I know I look like an ordinary being
But under my skin I'm molten rock

Call me a fool
But I've mourned her into a decade
I'm told every strong emotion
Should in time expire

1. I have always hated dying things
So I wrote you
Bouquets of flowers instead
Sorry I gave you none of them

I think
If Love be imposed
We all be slaves
No voice to say no

Maybe loving from an empty vessel
Is what leaves us mangled
When the lover leaves

I think part of being a poet
Is constantly pulling your heartstrings
Talking out loud
And yet poking your soul

I bet you called her stingy
Your mom, I bet when you were younger
You thought she had all the money
In the world

Once upon a time when love reigned
When the heart was pregnant with happiness
And with expectation that we will forever be
When we talked about ten years to come and saw us united as one


When the sun is sleeping
And the earth has finally slipped from its watchful eye
The earth can no longer pretend

If perchance in spring
Our paths cross
And a relationship does sprout
Hold on to me

First time I took a pen and purged
What was my first two poems
I didn't have the urge
To write

Pain cripples me
Of watching you fade away slowly
Losing your life to cancer
And I see that you're truly fighting

Life feels like a trap of some kind
You're always in pain
Always writhing
Crying, begging the chains

I've been swallowed up by fear
I can't escape the bubble
I heard that you can take it away
In an instant

Looked back at all my falls
Saw how they helped elevate me
Looked at every tear I've shed
Realized it led me to breakthrough

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What's Your Biggest Fear?

I guess it's losing all my words
All my thoughts
Crumbled up or neatly written
Lost to someone else
I get scared though there's a big
Trail of evidence
I have left on every platform
Showing I'm what I say I am
That I spat all these words
I claim as my own

What's your biggest fear?
I guess it's earning a place
Six feet under
Before I birth and present
My heirs to the world
I don't want to live a purposeless life
And words are all I live for

My biggest fear is
Being quiet with all these
Waves within me
I want people to surf
To swim
To dive
I want people to explore
The world I created

Even so I know
This fear
If I keep it
It's what will make me
Prematurely venture
Into the known world
A poet plunging to her death

What's your biggest fear?
Right now, nothing
I do have faith though
Faith that no one
Will kidnap my mind
Giving the world what's mine
Pretending it's theirs
And I'm ready
To face whatever
Will fall on my lap

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Madie Kern 02 December 2021

Hi, I am using one of your poems for a poetry anthology in english class about body image. I am using dear self and I just wanted to tell you that I think you are a fantastic poet.

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