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**le Petit Prince **

un petit prince s'est tombe du ciel dans un hiver
pas d'eau, , rien du tout, , pas un champ vert
et un pilote son avion est en panne
et beaucoup de problemes se sont elances vers lui comme un coup de canon

We Have To Be Together! ! !

together we can face our fear
together we can make all the sadness disappear
together we can make no more tear
all the dreams can be true if we are together my dear

**school's Life! ! ! ***

school have more than one meaning
it means hapinesse, , , sometimes sadness and also more than one feeling
friends, , , hanging out with them it's a good side! !
the bad one, , studying and getting fight

A New Day In My Life! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

everyday in the morning sinse i open my eyes
i realise, , , , that there's a new day in my life
who comes with sadness and smiles
i see the light through my window

I Am Free

i don't have to stay
i can move away
i can do, , whatever i want to

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p.a. noushad 14 October 2009

ever enchanting wings of poetry, i love your poems

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Merna Ibrahim 22 July 2009

She is a good girl, sweet and so friendly with everyone..! ! Her poems are so strong and she writes them to send a strong messages! ! God bless her.......with love.....

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