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To Mr. Dandelion,

This is part two of your poem-
And after the field of dandelions you made for me,

Because I’m just as happy
Like a dog playing with his owner
Or like a little girl playing in the pool
...somewhat like it

It's unfortunate of what could have been
Suddenly became effortless.
I blamed everything on you and at the end of the day
You can just call me a fool.

My hands stay cold,
I've tried to warm them so many times
But it just won’t work.
And you will just have to do it

You’re sleeping far away
And I stay up building our nocturnal love-mobile.

I'll never lie to its face, so I told with rose petals tongues
And now I feel like the bad man.

Maybe one day it'll come out to get me
But I don’t believe what I’m doing is wrong.

They say I’m behind it...

I dropped my stones
No wishes were made
I lost all pouring waters
And only the green flames stay

Your about 5,436 seconds away from disappearing

Or just running away.

After this is all gone
I thank you
For all the dandelions
You have planted.

I spilled fire
Over your heart
But she came
And put ice

Even though
The wind may blow us apart at times,
But like trees,
We never seem to move away.

Back to basics...
He ask me to be his, but there seems to be no interaction.
Before we had such a strong connection.
We went better than math with fractions.

Today it will live.
Tomorrow it will die.
She has nothing else to give,
Maybe next time she'll give it another try.

I am too quiet.
Not a lot of people notice me

And when they do they think as if they cannot please me.

Sweet and romantic
I think of you as beauty.
Smart and intelligent
I think you are wonderful.

Did you forget that I still exist?
For you it's ok to leave in silence.
Did you think I forgot the last words you say to me?
Like I said before...'seeing you on your knees begging for my forgiveness will not save you now.'

I'm waiting for something
But don't know what exactly.

Something to take me away.

Super glue works wonders with a broken heart
And I want something
And only I know what that something is.
I just need to do one last thing...

I know I can be the sweetest
There’s a black licorice lurking in my stomach.
This isn’t the right time to recharge

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Im Young and I'm a fashion student. Attending at IADT in Las Vegas.(International Academy of Design and Technology) . I love using my creative mind. I've started writing since I was 15. I'll be posting every poetry I have written. I honestly think I'm no good at this but I haven't stop writing. I love to hear what others' have to say about my poetry. I dont have much to say about myself. I'm just an average jane who's wasting her life to become an artist. I have no published books, no pamphlets, nothing but a notebook filled with my life. You guys are the first ones to read what i've got. Enjoy.)

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Good Day, Good Month, Good Year, Goodbye

To Mr. Dandelion,

This is part two of your poem-
And after the field of dandelions you made for me,
Thank you-
I made my one final wish
For you.

Good day,
Good month,
Good year,

Miss Little Cream Soda

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