8. Love Is – Courage! [on Love A Collection Of Poems] Poem by Angelina Pandian

8. Love Is – Courage! [on Love A Collection Of Poems]

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Love is being brave,
When facing adversity never fear
For, your help is ever near holding your hand
Even if the world is against you,
When love is there you can see it through.
You have to brave to protect
Your loved ones from misery or pain,
You have to be brave to dream,
To reach for the stars even if it is dark
You have to be brave to hold on
To struggle, to fight back, to breathe
Till all your goals are reached.
You have to be brave to promise
You’ll take care till Life’s end!
Love makes you fearless
It gives you strength and courage,
Love makes you braver
When you know someone believes
“You can! ”
It’s only then you dare to do!

Mamta Agarwal 27 August 2009

you have to believe in yourself it helps when someone else also does as you said love is -courage love of life, gets you throgh when the going is rough... good to see you back Angelina, missed your fiery spirit. love Mamta

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premji premji 15 May 2009

vitality......intelligence....courage....knowledge and sensitiveness.....the chief ingradiants of modern love.....

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