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Quietly you roar! Desperately you moan

You stand tall as the Kilimanjaro

Thunder, the sound of it

lightning, the vision of you

my two- faced tongue rammed a fist in my gut today

got away from me and I never stood a chance

If something good can come from bad,

the past can rest in peace.

Heaven is silent

the rush of poetry stemmed

I happened upon him

A consequence, an unexpected unwanted surprise

Fingers to lips

still alive but barely breathing

My frenzied blood waxed molten to ice,
heart melted to stone.
Fear was forgotten,
as her screams stirred the heavens-

Let's go to the place-
where flowers don't wither and die but live forever
and when we ride the peak of sun-
our passions don't scorch us to extinction


Words are daggers in your hands

So I ask no questions

I pen this
As stars are waxing to oblivion, consumed by moon's candor
Even as the sun's fury has the mists fading to steam
and blackest night tucks his victories in breastplate

Melancholy duels

Fuel helpless longings

Through puffed up cheeks she exhales-
the thudding reverberates-
tremors that linger millenia after the earthquake has passed-
then the lilt, and tilt- upside down

I am colder than ice,
my chest an empty hole
you the weakness in me
my own lava

Soft heavy drum beats

cut through your reverie-

Kiss the rain, taste the brush of it on your tongue

Close your eyes, head tilted to heaven, feel the rush of it on your face

We had the blues, heard their chant. They enchanted

the screaming taillights, and the break lights so harsh in their glare

Faceless creature this one, bows to none,

ranting, cursing, howling, despair, they will move not

Options: Options

Left: Right

My dreams.

allies or foes?

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Heart Of Africa

Quietly you roar! Desperately you moan

You stand tall as the Kilimanjaro

the wealth of you boggles human definitions, beyond description

you are Uganda, the heart of me, the heart of Africa.

Your ageless eyes have borne bloodshed,

corruption beyond hell’s flames, and still you stand

so proud, beyond submission

daily you mock those who seek to squander and rape your goldmines –

outlive every scheme

Patiently you wait, heart never wavering,

embracing all, forgiving all

I love you Uganda

Every morning I awake to the sheer magnificence of you

Beyond comprehension, how you hold me together, giving me so much

never demanding anything in return

Uganda the heart of Africa

Life starts, ends with you

the wildest shades of gold, deep bold scarlets, boundless blues,

and heart wrenching grays steal my heart

no I don’t mind

Let the rivers roar and oceans rage, let the sun sizzle and burn,

today you stand defying the 53rd birthday claim:

you have been here forever;

and here you stay, ageless, without end.

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Anitah Muwanguzi 05 April 2016

Anita thanks alot for the support, it means so much to me to know you appreciate my style of writing.

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Anita Khelawan 05 April 2016

I have become a fan of your oeuvre. You are truly talented and I really appreciate your pictures that go along with your poems they are dead on point... In my opinion, there's no hit and miss pieces. Thank you for sharing your perspectives.. Keep writing dear poetess! ! ! !

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Fabrizio Frosini 06 December 2015

dear Anitah, if you wish, you can post your poem ''My Life For Hers'' on PH, also. It'll be published in the ebook ''POETRY AGAINST TERROR'', but it will be a free ebook (free downloading) , so there is no problem with posting poems of the collection. Cheers

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‘How could I possibly forget? Yours is the only voice in my head that makes any sense'

‘Our worst enemy is one without flesh. The mind.'

Nothing quite as deceptive as physical allure.

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